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druidcraft tarot the lord

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druidcraft tarot the lord

Hi to all,
I could use help on this major arcana has been coming up for myself during readings. I don't know the description by heart and the book doesn't really seem to describe the card to me symbolically. MissCW, what is the card I mean what's on it?
All the best,
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Description of the DruidCraft The Lord

His majesty is sitting on a stone throne that seems to be carved out of the bedrock at the top of a mountain. The back of his throne rises about eight to ten inches above him. It gives the appearance that he is looking far out and down upon the huge world that is his. The ends of the arm rests are carved rams heads with the curling horns. Below them the throne is ornately carved with Celtic knotwork.

There sky is light blue with thin billowy clouds above and on either side of him. Where we can see the sky on the right side (his left side) it is like a sunset with warmer colors. An eagle glides high in the distance on the left (his right) side; he is looking at something and his feet are down as if to capture prey. The wind is blowing The Lordís cape.

His head-dress is a metal helmet on which large stag antlers have been attached. Over his long green robe he is wearing a metal breastplate that is made of many oval pieces and looks a bit like fish scales. His shoulders are draped with a red cape; actually itís more like a wrap. Itís held together at his left shoulder with a large metal pin. The fabrics look like thick soft wool. He is wearing simple leather sandals.

There is a large piece of fur is draped upon the seat and armrests of the throne. He is sitting with his right leg crossed and resting upon the other knee. With his left hand he holds a large staff on which a small lightening streak which has been carved. The staff looks like it was made from a tall young tree or a long straight branch. It looks old and worn smooth. His other hand is on his knee, as though he is almost leaning forward, or at least very alert.

No hair is visible from under the helmet, but his mustache, that grows into his sideburns, and short beard are almost gray. He is looking right at us with a piercing gaze. He doesnít look harsh, but definitely demands respect.
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Join Date: 10 Nov 2004
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my interpretation

Hi to all,
Well I'd say that this person really wants to get their point accross and has tools around him if he needs to. If he's able to allow himself to look abuv him then he can strive to have balance in his life. Once he's able to do that then he can allow himself to be seen, just knowing that he may need to look up for confirmation form the message in the sky seems like he'll be able to gain clear insights. A leader is the ting that comes to mind.
All the best,
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