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To Cut The Cards or Not to Cut The Cards...

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To Cut The Cards or Not to Cut The Cards...

Ok I am starting my own thread here in hopes of getting some insight.

When doing simple Yes/No spreads or Timeline spreads, do you cut the cards or not? And how many times?

Thank you.
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No matter what spread (or single-card draw) I do, I shuffle at least 7 times (a combination of riffle and hand-to-hand), and then cut the deck twice from right to left (ending with three stacks.) Then, I always re-stack the deck in the same direction (right to left.)

It's all just habit, though...but you asked.
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Yes, three times. I think it doesn't especially matter, but it's an old tradition and one I like to do - it's harmless.
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It's really up to you. Everything about Tarot is a matter of just developing your own rituals and traditions with it.
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I never cut my deck. The person who showed me tarot didn't either, maybe that's why.
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...always cut the deck into three piles and re-stack,
adds the aura of mystery to the whole process!
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Aladdin  Aladdin is offline
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Have to agree with Forensic here. In my opinion cutting the deck reduces the potential meaning to the querrent if all piles are not equaly drawn from.
As has very often been said, everyone has their own ideas on this.
Mine is just to spread the entire pack in a straight line from right to left after shuffling etc.
As an aside, the deck which spreads better than any other is Hanson-Roberts for me. It is just as if it runs on needle roller bearings which i've not so far found with other ones strangely enough.
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For some odd reason my different decks have different "desires" and I try to "listen". My Archeon deck for example, after I do the usual mix and a hand plop shuffle of 7 times...(did we read that in an early learning experience?) the cards seem to want to get formed in a goofy house position of two stacks parallel and then to stacks roofing each of the two in the middle, then they want to "cook" (like a kiln?) for a minute. Experience has taught me not to touch them until...then there will come somebody at the door, or something weird. The reason I try to be sensitive to the kinetic wants of the cards is that I note of they are tight and reluctant to shuffle (just as on a damp day) or crazy flying-fast. If find the entire tarot process a give and take experience and it begins even with the decision and calm required to even do a reading, so it includes the shuffling.
Also, I find that the Magician [1] is often responsible for odd requests of the cards (weirder than the stacking above) and if the cards "want" to be counter-intuitively horizontal or sideways in the shuffling stage, that presence is literally pushing the sitter around.
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Nae Mirier 

After shuffling I always cut once with my left hand. It feels more like fate that way I guess.
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Originally Posted by Nae Mirier
After shuffling I always cut once with my left hand. It feels more like fate that way I guess.
That is really interesting...will give that a try...

I shuffle at least 3 times and as much as 7 times (just know when it feels right )
...then I cut only 1 time (into 3 piles as already described above)

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