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New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - VIII--Possession [Strength]

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Arrow New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - VIII--Possession [Strength]

Lwa mounts a woman. This lwa is chalk white, woman is black. Red illuminates woman and the lwa  energy, passion of possession. The red = lwa gives her energy. The red also tinges her nipples  creation, fertility energy? During possession, the mount becomes very strong due to the strength of the lwa. Red mouth on lwa  “speak” creation/energy into existence, power?

The lwa holds a green snake (Simbi); the snake’s tail is at the mount’s mouth (kiss the illusion? Take it into one’s self?).

The woman’s posture is subservient, but she is a willing mount (more willing than initiate in the Dance card). It takes strength to be mounted (strength to be subservient, which is different—and often confused—with subordination).

The lwa seems content; because mount is willing? Because there is a body to possess? Power/magick shoots from the lwa’s left hand  shielding mount? Spreading powers?

There is stark coloring in this cardL black/white with hints of red  dichotomy: this world/Other World, spirit/flesh, light/dark, illumination/darkness, knowledge/ignorance, yin/yang, male/female (lwa is male, mount is female), insertion/reception.
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To me this card sometimes says, "Let the loa guide you to where you need to be and have the strength to endure anything that may come your way."
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