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Rider-Waite-Smith Study Group

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Join Date: 28 Jan 2002
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Rider-Waite-Smith Study Group

Hey all

Ophiel and myself are interested in starting a study group about the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in participating.

Topics would include: favorite card, least favorite card, favorite waite version, the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana, and others.

Please leave a message here if you are interested.
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Join Date: 10 Nov 2002
Location: Michigan, U.S.A.
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Thumbs up

I'd be interested. I love my RWS deck and no matter how many other decks I get, I have a feeling it will stay one of my most used.
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Ophiel  Ophiel is offline
Join Date: 10 Feb 2002
Location: Twilight ZoneŠ
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<Raises hand, a signal of approval>

I just noticed this post. You can count me in, though it looks like you already have! I'd like to focus mostly on the symbolism, and anything else is fine. Would you like to take a card at a time, or leave the forum more open?
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Join Date: 12 Nov 2002
Location: USA
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I've just started a private study of the Waite, and I'd be open for a study group.
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Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
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I would also be very interested in especially looking at the Major Arcana card by card, paying attention to its details and its historical and iconographic connections to other cards.
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Join Date: 03 May 2002
Location: NSW, Australia
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Oh yes...count me in also.
I have had this deck for years's my "trusty ole pal" is very well seasoned let me tell you....but I love it, and I have studied the deck in depth a couple of times in study groups, and would be happy to go through it again and also to help out others who are not quite familiar.


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Ophiel  Ophiel is offline
Join Date: 10 Feb 2002
Location: Twilight ZoneŠ
Posts: 441

Can I be in the group? I mean, you have to know up front that my *main* concern here is the symbolism and esoterica. I don't read cards in the same manner of most people in this group.
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Join Date: 31 Oct 2002
Location: Vaughan, ON, Canada
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I'd like to be included too. I've never used a strict RW clone (like Universal Waite), but I have used many RW influenced decks. I'd really like to explore the symbolism of RW in a study group. (Pardon my rambling, I'm just recovering from a wicked cold.)
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Ophiel  Ophiel is offline
Join Date: 10 Feb 2002
Location: Twilight ZoneŠ
Posts: 441

Forgive my ignorance in this, but how do we get started? Should I get a clipboard and petition, stand in front of my local library, and collect a certain number of signatures or something?
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Join Date: 13 Nov 2002
Location: South Africa
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Count me in. I use only the RW though I have other decks (for ornamental purposes )
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