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Druid Animal Oracle - The Raven

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Druid Animal Oracle - The Raven

Hello. I hope this is the right area to post.

Last night I was meditating on The Raven and noticed something I have not noticed before. I use this deck often in junction with the Druidcraft to give an extra note to the reading. What Animal you can learn from at the time. With an impending surgery coming up today and other fears I have maybe it caused me to pick up on it. I attached a picture below but it is tiny and hard to see, however it may help. I noticed that in the distance to the left of the Raven is what looks like the area of emergence for the card "The Moon". I noticed a small water drop on the ravens wing making me think of my intuition and sub conscious and that is when I noticed the water/lake itself and then what looks like the rocks from the moon card in Druidcraft as well as the path that winds up and away from the rocks which gave to me all new meaning of this card.

I can't find the Druidcraft Moon card but if you have this deck you will see it!

I know the brambles under the raven itself is an ancient burial ground, perhaps on some level symbolizing repressed memories, as well as memories of ancestors, loved ones passed on and parts of our lives and heritages. The large pool of water to me now makes me think of how infinite our subconscious can be. There are times when we remember things we forgot or recognize fears we didn't know we had. Or we have deja vu etc. So many things in our minds we are not aware of and so much room to fill it with more and until we die so many things to learn and realize. In the moon we see the water with the crab and the dog and wolf, the two pillars to pass through that sits behind the high priestess. The Raven is known to go as they say "through the dark" they pass into other worlds and realms. They are often represent intuition and protection. I feel that in looking at this card this morning the Raven could assist me in facing fears, probably many of them my mind turns into illusions since our minds have imagination and can make things seem worse than they are. Therefore this card took on a new meaning for me that in times of fear, illusions or trouble I feel the Raven can assist you in moving past the realm of the moon onto the path winding into the mountains.
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Well spotted, I’ve found a Druidcraft Moon image and it does look very similar. I love the way that path wanders off up the hill to unknown places over the horizon. I found the following in the supplementary notes of the 1876 edition of Goldsmith’s “Earth and Animated Nature” -

”I know no British bird possessed of more estimable qualities than the raven. His constitution is such as to enable him to brave the fury of the most violent tempests, and to subsist amidst the most intense cold; he is strong enough to repel any bird of his own size, and his spirit is such as to induce him to attack even the eagle; his affection towards his mate and young is great, although not superior to that manifested by many other birds; in sagacity he is not excelled by any other species; and his power of vision is at least equal to that of most others, not excepting the birds of prey, for he is generally the first to discover a carcase”.
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