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Using Reversals Unsuccessfully

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Dragon-Capricorn  Dragon-Capricorn is offline
Join Date: 17 Jun 2008
Location: Midwest, USA
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Using Reversals Unsuccessfully

Alright - I'm so frustrated today. I started using reversals after a thread I posted a short while back in which someone on here suggested I may get more info if I used them.

The problem is ... no matter what type of question I'm asking, I seem to pull reversals for the answer. All of my readings now are doom and gloom.

Career - looks like it's going into the toilet, instead of the bright readings I used to get.

Love - looks like hubby and I are headed for a marital split (what the heck?)

Home Life - (In complete disarray - look for things to be turned upside down anyday)

General Future - (I'm going to lose money, be fighting with everyone, and things I have been waiting for won't come to pass).

What the heck???

Is my energy honestly this negative? Is my future this gloomy? I can't seriously do one positive reading. Even if I try to do one for someone else. Everything with reversals comes out just awful.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I've had to put my tarot cards away, because I can't stand to look at them right now. They are far too negative, when I don't feel my life is negative at all.

Edited to add: When I shuffle: I first put all the cards going the same direction, shuffle 5 times, reverse half the deck, then shuffle another 5 times, then concentrate specifically on the question while shuffling 12 more times. Then I split the deck 3 times and pull the cards from the top.
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Hooked on TdM's Avatar
Hooked on TdM  Hooked on TdM is offline
Join Date: 20 May 2008
Location: Ontario, Canada
Posts: 1,108
Hooked on TdM 

Nevermind you answered that already! LOL

If your not comfortable with using reversals, don't use them. There are many other ways you can read. I have both positive and negative meanings in all my cards. It depends on where it lands, what's around it and what it's about that determines if it's negative or not. Reversals are not a requirement.

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sweet_intuition's Avatar
sweet_intuition  sweet_intuition is offline
Join Date: 14 Oct 2006
Location: Caught in a Bad Romance
Posts: 2,103

Originally Posted by Hooked on TdM

If your not comfortable with using reversals, don't use them ... Reversals are not a requirement.
I totally agree... Reversals boggle me too, and quite frankly, I'm happy reading without them!
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afrosaxon's Avatar
afrosaxon  afrosaxon is offline
Join Date: 09 Dec 2007
Location: MIA
Posts: 5,630


first off...BREATHE.

Second: post your reading in the Your Readings section, so that you can get explanations as to the reversals in your reading.

Third: keep in mind that reversed meanings mean different things for each card, and also depending on the deck, spread position, etc. For example, if you got 5 Pents rx, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a better financial picture...and The Lovers rx doesn't necessarily mean that you'll split up.

Reversals usually mean:

--diminished energy

Reversals can also occur when the querent doesn't focus properly on the question (especially in self-readings), and attempts a reading during some sort of emotional/physical/mental compromise (upset, angry, tired, stressed)--you will see this more obviously in self-readings.

Also...some decks tend to throw a lot of reversals (especially my NOVT) when asked about a question a bit too often. That's their way of saying "ENOUGH, already! We already told you what is going on; now HUSH!"

The "opposite" meaning of the card doens't tend to really ring true...of course, if this is what your intuition tells you, then go with that. But reading reversals isn't by rote; it sometimes takes a little more listening to that still, small, voice than uprights do (although the reverse--ha ha--is sometimes true! ).

Hope this helps.

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starrystarrynight's Avatar
starrystarrynight  starrystarrynight is offline
Intolerance intolerant
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Location: The Quiet Corner...Connecticut USA
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And reread what Afrosaxon said.

And sweet-intuition and Hooked on TdM are absolutely right, as well.
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Dragon-Capricorn  Dragon-Capricorn is offline
Join Date: 17 Jun 2008
Location: Midwest, USA
Posts: 128

Thanks for your replies, everyone.

I guess I'm just frustrated because since I've been trying reading with reversals, 95% of my cards come out reversed.

If I do a 1 card reading, it's reversed. 2-3 cards, almost always all reversed.

I barely ever do larger spreads, but I did try a large one today for practice. What a disaster that was! I didn't have the heart to even write it down. I didn't want to give that any more thought than necessary.

When I was reading with no reversals, things looked relatively bright. At least, on track! And it seemed to ring more "true". For instance, if I was asking a question about my financial future, it wouldn't be all bright and rosy, but state that I am going to need patience for a few years yet. This makes sense to me, knowing my situation. But throw in reversals and I'm losing my home, my marriage, my job, my sanity ... LOL!

Maybe I'm not cut out for reversals
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ana luisa's Avatar
ana luisa  ana luisa is offline
Join Date: 29 Apr 2006
Location: Rio de Janeiro BRASIL
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ana luisa 

Just adding to Afrosaxon's list. Reversals can mean that the energy is:


I got this list, I think (it's been a while) from one of Greer's book and it really opened my mind to accepting reversals in a more positive way. Constructing over what's missing instead of taking that fatalistic approach. But then, again, it's really a personal choice to use them or not. Good luck !
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mahjong's Avatar
mahjong  mahjong is offline
Join Date: 26 Sep 2007
Location: Australia
Posts: 563

I hear you Dragon-Capricorn...I started out using reversals because I thought it was all part of the tarot reading process.It wasn't until I joined this forum that I realised there are a lot of professional readers who don't use reversals, so I just stopped using them.Also every aspect of my life just seemed to be a disaster and I never felt that the readings were giving me any guidence either.I didn't expect everything to be rosy or polyanna..ish as there can be what looks to be some negative cards in my readings as well but I've looked at them with the surrounding cards and they can actually be postive messages and visa versa or warnings to pay attention.My knowledge and ability to connect the cards has improved ten fold since I stopped using reversals,and as I've looked back on old readings they've turned out to be accurate.I do still find it difficult to be objective on emotional matters as I only read for myself and still consider myself as a beginner;thats the beauty of being able to post readings here ;to get some additional help and insight.
Right now everything is emotional in my life so I've been posting a !!!???
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GreenMoonBeam's Avatar
GreenMoonBeam  GreenMoonBeam is offline
Join Date: 10 Jun 2008
Location: Fighting The Battle
Posts: 5,146

How I tried reading with reversals. How I tried. But the confusion and the
negativeness made me realize it was better to read without them. I must also
add the wisdom here helps a novice learn.
Bottom line is read the Tarot to your best ability.
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Dragon-Capricorn  Dragon-Capricorn is offline
Join Date: 17 Jun 2008
Location: Midwest, USA
Posts: 128

Mahjong and Greenbean - I'm really glad that you guys posted! Now I don't feel so awful about my own experience with reversals.

Mahjong, I was really connecting, also, with the cards without reversals. I was hoping to get more from them using reversals, but instead, it's as if I can't read at all now!

I think I will have to go back to no reversals.

I did something funny tonight just to cheer me up - I bought a deck that has no negative cards in it what-so-ever. He, he. It's more of an oracle deck, and I'm not sure about the accuracy in predictions, but for positive affirmations ... it should be good. My tender emotional state after the week of reversals needs a good "soft" deck. LOL I'm being sarcastic, of course. But in a "real" sort of way.
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