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Asking serious questions

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Dragon-Capricorn  Dragon-Capricorn is offline
Join Date: 17 Jun 2008
Location: Midwest, USA
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Asking serious questions

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I should ask serious questions to the Tarot.

If I don't like the answer I receive, I feel like it will affect the decision I make. Maybe sometimes it is good, but maybe sometimes it is bad. How do I know for sure?

For example, I have no problem asking things about finances, or what does so-and-so think of me, etc. But for really serious things - like health, or something else I have in mind (looking into adopting a child), I don't want to consult the cards.

I feel like if I were to receive a negative answer, it would affect my actions in a negative light, therefore producing an even more negative outcome than originally intended.

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rwcarter's Avatar
rwcarter  rwcarter is offline
student of tarot
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Location: California, USA
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First, I wouldn't consult the cards for matters of health. I know some people do, but I don't.

Also, you have to decide whether you believe that what the cards show you is written in stone. I don't believe that's the case. I believe that the cards show you what will happen based on the current situation. For something like adoption, if the cards indicated a negative outcome due to financial reasons, you can do something to change that and then consult the cards again.

It also helps to choose the right spread when consulting the cards. If you don't want to chance a negative outcome, don't ask a question or use a spread that contains an outcome. Again with adoption, ask something like, "what insight can you provide me on adopting a child?" instead of asking "how successful will my attempt to adopt a child be?" And then don't use a spread that has an outcome or advice position.

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Sinduction's Avatar
Sinduction  Sinduction is offline
Join Date: 28 Feb 2007
Location: oHIo
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I use it to make very big decisions. Instead of asking for an answer, you could always rephrase in a way to help you.

It sounds like you aren't even allowing a negative outcome, which is wonderful! So don't read about the outcome, you already know what it will be. But you can always asked the cards how you can get there.

For example, I had to fight my insurance company. Instead of asking how it would turn out, (I still don't know!) I asked what I needed in order to be best prepared for the meeting. And had I not done that, it would have gone terribly!

So maybe just a rephrasing will do you some good.

Perhaps asking how you can best move towards your goal at this time. There a plenty of things you read on that won't give you an outcome.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
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GreenMoonBeam's Avatar
GreenMoonBeam  GreenMoonBeam is offline
Join Date: 10 Jun 2008
Location: Fighting The Battle
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It would also help, I think, to be in a receptive, calm state of mind before doing
these spreads. Like Rodney, I would not ask for health matters. I would most
surely think of the wording of the question as well. The nuances would affect
the outcome.


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Dragon-Capricorn  Dragon-Capricorn is offline
Join Date: 17 Jun 2008
Location: Midwest, USA
Posts: 128

I'm very much liking the idea of not asking for outcomes.

That never really occurred to me ...

Occasionally I have asked for advice, but not to often.

Good thoughts, everyone.

Thank you!!!

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Whimsical Fey's Avatar
Whimsical Fey  Whimsical Fey is offline
Join Date: 13 Jul 2008
Location: New York, USA
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Whimsical Fey 

I also like that idea of not asking for outcomes.

I'm a believer that what the tarot shows us is not written in stone. If I get a negative reading, I just look at it as "this is the possible outcome of this situation if I keep on the road I'm on". If I dont like what I see then I just ask myself what I can do to change the outcome. I prefer this method because it helps me really look at the situation and see if I'm actually the one holding myself back from doing anything to improve it. In other words, it lets me get a better perspective on things. But I kinda like the idea of not asking for outcomes at all. I might try that and see how it goes.
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Nevada's Avatar
Nevada  Nevada is offline
Join Date: 19 Apr 2003
Location: California, USA
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I totally agree with not asking for outcomes. I'm a firm believer in --
"Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans."
(Quote usually attributed to John Lennon.)
What I like to do is ask something like --

"What do I most need to know about _______ ?"

It's more situational than goal or outcome driven.

That's also how I like to phrase my daily or weekly readings.

"What do I most need to know right now?"

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Foucault's Avatar
Foucault  Foucault is offline
Join Date: 23 Dec 2007
Location: New Jersey, USA
Posts: 227

Dragon-Capricorn - you're getting some wonderful advice. My firm belief is that our fates are not carved in stone.

Some people worry about getting so-called "negative" or "bad" readings. I don't. That's because I always frame my questions so I can deal with them in a positive way.

For example, regarding looking into adopting a child, I might phrase my question as "What is the best thing I can do if I want to adopt a child?"

Tarot is a great tool for shaping your own destiny.
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heron's Avatar
heron  heron is offline
Join Date: 21 May 2008
Location: Pilton, near Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom
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It sounds as though you don't trust the cards, or possibly your intuition, enough to actually believe the "answer" you might get. Largely it could be a problem with the form in which you are asking the question: Tarot appears to work best when asked for advice or enlightenment rather than a yes/no, do this/don't do that-type of answer.

Do you perhaps feel the Tarot is only for trivial stuff?

Is this any help?

In passing...

Originally Posted by Dragon-Capricorn
what does so-and-so think of me
Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you, D-C, but that seems very much like the kind of question it's absurd to ask of the Tarot. The cards can't reliably say what another person thinks (they are much more likely to say what you think - hope or fear - the person thinks). Apart from the kind of 'personal violation' aspect of trying to get inside another person's head without their permission, that's why, for example, TABI free readers are expected to refuse or re-phrase "third party" questions.

Shoot me down in flames if I'm mistaken or out of order here, someone, please.

- heron
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schmedrake  schmedrake is offline
Join Date: 16 Nov 2006
Location: USA
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I think of the cards as input. Just a friend's advice would be. It's something to weigh and consider and then make whatever decision I feel right making based on both the available input and my own thoughts on the matter.

I would never go against my better judgment or make a decision I wasn't on board with just because that's what I see (or someone else sees) in the cards. The cards are open to interpretation and I wouldn't want to make decisions based on something I might be seeing through rose colored glasses. Or through fear.

The cards give insight or a different way of thinking. Nothing more.

My advice to you would be to have more confidence in the decisions you make (or want to make) in the first place. Every outcome carries a gift... a lesson or an experience you needed to have to move forward in your life experience. If you needed the lesson of a "bad" decision, then that lesson would have found you anyway. When you see everything as a gift, you really can't lose
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