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RWS Tarot 101 Ten of Pentacles

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Lightbulb RWS Tarot 101 Ten of Pentacles

My thoughts on this card, what is yours?

Ten of Pentacles

I have been pondering this card for weeks. There is so much going on in this card. I seem to be surrounded by many thoughts and visions. My first thought was how the pentacles themselves are not a part of the scene but overlay the picture. The pentacles themselves form the “Tree of Live”. No where else in this Tarot deck does this tree appear.

“The Tree of Life is an arrangement of ten interconnected spheres (called sephiroth, Hebrew for 'spheres'), which represent the central organizational system of the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition. The Tree of life is considered to be a map of the universe and the psyche, the order of the creation of the cosmos, and a path to spiritual illumination. The ten spheres represent the ten archetypal numbers of the Pythagorian system; they are connected by paths assigned to the twenty two letter-numbers of the Hebrew alphabet…”

The scene takes place in an archway leading into the inner sanctum or courtyard. This is a gateway into the inner workings of everyday life. Yet there is much magic and wonders to be found in the mundane workings of everyday life which we take for granted and no longer see. Spiritual growth may also be stalled with this contentment and stage of financial security. The elements of this card remind us that our ultimate wealth is not financial security or success. True prosperity lies in our everyday life, and within the most ordinary daily routines, there are forces mystery and power

The archway itself has many symbols: A transition to a different state, a gateway between past and future. On the card itself, on the arch column there is a set of scales in balance, pointing to Justice, and the settling of karma. Here is another thread on the scales:
There is also engraved a picture of a castle, security with a strong foundation. In the archway there is a Wand leaning against the wall, no where else in the minor cards do a wand appear, but in the Wand suit itself.

Outside the wall sits an old man wearing a multicolored cloak that is comprised of astrological and ritual magic symbols. Is he a phychic/mystic traveler, a disguised wizard, or the patriarch of the family? As a family member this patriarch and the young child represents the full circle of life. Both the old man and child pet the dogs enjoying the simple things in life. Both young and old need care, love, and offer much to enrich a family.

There is a couple conversing under the archway. Is this couple happy, or are they turned away from one another? I see the couple as discussing something, their body language is relaxed. They seem very comfortable with themselves and their place in life. They are going about their daily business.

The Tens are the culmination of each suit the ultimate of the energy of their suit. With Pentacles being about material weath, earth, health and security, the Ten is certainly a card of satisfaction and enjoying the fruits of one’s labors. It is about passing on that security, knowledge, and traditions to future generations.

Someday, we will be old sitting at the archway. How do we want to be remembered? What will be our legacy, and to whom will we give and leave it to?

For the greatest wealth is to have lived our lives so that when we draw our last breath we know that we have given everything we have in security, knowledge, wisdom and love to others.

Direct: Inheritance, security, family, close friends, loyalty.

Reversed: Loss of money/friends, family breaking apart, loss of support, responsibility of caring for an elderly person, disputed inheritance.

Another tread on the Ten of Pentacles:
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