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Trusting the intuition...

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Trusting the intuition...

When I do a spread of cards, I look at them all for a moment, and get a certain picture......part book meanings, part how they feel to me.....

The trouble is, I never see what is happening now, or what I'm being asked about.....I only ever seem to see past someone who can see the future, but reversed.

For instance, I did a reading for someone I didn't know, who asked a very specific question. This person came over as bubbly, told me she was happily married etc etc, and asked the problems you would have thought.

What I got was the most awful trauma from her past.....and I doubted that I was right with how she presented herself. However, I did say to her that I was sure I have got the reading wrong, but she was nearly in tears when she said it was all true, and no-one had ever picked up on it before.....

My problem now is that I don't trust myself to do readings anymore....cos I just can't get the present, no matter how hard I try....I only get past things.

I watch the TV readers, and they all manage to be in the 'present' why can't I be in the present too?

I tell you, it has knocked my confidence with my readings now no end, and I have put the tarot away and I only tend to use the oracle cards for myself and for a daily card on a little group on the van site....

Is it just me, or has anyone else found this happening?
Ang x
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Originally Posted by Ange
What I got was the most awful trauma from her past...
But maybe that was exactly what she most needed to hear about as it was affecting her present more than she realised? The roots of the present are always in the past...
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I suspect this was an email-type reading?

Otherwise, once you establish a seeker's past, why not throw a few more cards specifically asking how that past is affecting her present and future (because it is and will--which is why you picked up on it so strongly, I think.)

You could either keep dealing off the top of the deck or pick them all up and reshuffle (I do it either way, depending upon what feels right at the moment.) But probably continuing to deal off the same cut would give you the continuance of the reading for present and future energies in your situation, IMO.

If it is an "already-delivered" email reading, maybe you could try continuing from there once your seeker has emailed you feedback and keep the lines of communication open via email (or move it to IM) by telling the seeker you will throw some more cards for her to see how her past may affect her present and future...or something like that?

I don't know if that helps or not...but I have run across similar things in email readings and have learned to keep throwing cards with specified positional names (like FUTURE Outcome! )

[Years ago, we didn't have these kinds of problems. Technology is great, but ya gotta learn to work it! And work with it.]
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Join Date: 31 Oct 2007
Location: Derbyshire
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It's not just something that is to do with me then....I'm so glad it isn't.....

It is worrying though isn't it, and it seems weird when it happens all the time...
Ang x
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maybe you are picking up on the past because the client you are reading for is not moving past it. maybe they have yet to heal from it or learn the lesson that came with it. as a result this can definately affect their present and future life.

with you picking up on the past, it is helping them to acknowledge that yes, it did occur and now maybe you can also help them to realize that they need to see why it occurred and what lesson it held for them.
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I agree with others who say there must be a good reason you're picking up on these things. What I've noticed in my life is that there are events in my past that I need to bring up, remember, and process some more -- some of them over and over again. It's not so much a repetitive "stuck" situation, so much as that some events, particularly emotional or traumatic ones, take a lot of working through. Some people might need reminders to work through these things some more. I know I do -- or even to be pushed into it, if it involves painful memories or feelings.

Events that affect us that strongly tend to flavor other parts of our lives for many years. I'm convinced there's something -- in fact perhaps quite a lot -- to be learned from them, and that we have them for a reason.

I believe just as strongly that any intuitive/psychic information that's available to a reader is available for a good reason. I think these things come to us on a "need to know" basis, and that the only problem is in figuring out why. I would say that usually the seeker is the one who has to figure that part out. But yes, as starrystarrynight mentioned, it might be helpful, once the past is established, to pull more cards to see what can be learned or gained from it, or whether there's still work to be done regarding it.

Apparently your gift is one to do with how people handle past events. I don't see anything wrong with that. It can be a great blessing and a healing, freeing experience to find ways to work through our past. Finding a way to work with your gift will, I'm sure, help you gain confidence again as a reader.

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Question The deck or you?

Originally Posted by Ange
It is worrying though isn't it, and it seems weird when it happens all the time...
I have two thoughts on this. The first is: what deck are you using? Some decks tend to "specialize." I have a deck and no matter what a querent asks, it usually ignores what they're asking and tells them what it feels they need to know. It's very stubborn and uncooperative...but useful in that way. Maybe you're always seeing the past because that's what this deck is interested in delving into with the querent.

If you've only been using one Deck, try a different one and see what happens. If it happens with different decks, then I'd say you have a special gift.

I mean, yes, I get it, Tarot is supposed to help people know what their path is leading them to so they can decide what to do about their present actions and so affect the future. BUT there are also people who need, as this woman probably did, to work though whatever in their past is holding them back. Whatever is trauma or problem or history makes them keep making the same mistakes or not being able to go forward.

If this is you and not the deck, then I'd say that your signature card here is Judgement. and if you have a talent for getting to these roots, for pointing out what past things must be brought out into the light, examined and laid to rest before soaring up and onward, then own it. Use it. Let people know this is your speciality. I don't find this to be a "lemon" but the saying still works: make lemonade. If this is what you do then this is what you do. Be proud of it; make the most of it.
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Join Date: 31 Oct 2007
Location: Derbyshire
Posts: 1,148

It happens with the Fenestra, and with the Mystic Faeries Tarot.

I see what you are saying, about it being a gift, but it does make me feel a bit stupid as I babble on about the past....

But then, I have always been someone that folks come to for advice....and 9 times out of ten I sort them out.....just by talking with them. So maybe it is just how I am....something within me eh...
Ang x
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It is not your fault, Ange. It is the energy the querent brought with her to the cards and you had no choice but to read what you saw.
A good lesson for those who think tarot always answers the questions put to it; sometimes tarot only answers the dominant energy present.
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Hi Ange,

I work on a phone line, and this happens to me too. Party maybe to let me know that persons divorced, or separated, or had a bad childhood or whatever. I think it just lets me tune in like that, especially when they ask for a general reading.

Once thats been discussed. I ask the cards whats coming up for that person in the future.

Your obviously a good reader, don't be discouraged, because that would be such a waste

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