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Empress Card repeating over and over

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Smile Empress Card repeating over and over

every spread I do this weather the Empress seems to pop up.
No pregnancy.
None on the way.
No abundance etc
Mother fine
No extravagance
no sensuality
not much in fact lol
I know people say you need the rest of the cards but each card had a seperate question and this was the outcome to the situation
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believer in magic
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Maybe she's telling you that you need to start enjoying your life as it is right now. Live life to the full and in a sensuous way.
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She may be telling you to be happy being who you are and not to be so tough on yourself. You are a Goddess and are truly loved, even though you may not fully believe this sometimes.
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The Thirteenth Moon
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Talking Ask the cards!

If a card keeps coming up, then the deck is trying to flag your attention. It has a message for you that it really wants to pass on. The best way I know to figure out what that message is...ask the cards.

Shuffle well, while asking the cards, "What is the Empress message regarding?" Create 4 piles: one for intellect/communication/problems, one for your career/ethics/ambitions, one for your romantic/family/psychic life, one for your health/work/actual home life.

Which ever pile has the Empress in it, that's the topic she's trying to give you a message on. Remember she's all about being a mother hen, about being in charge in a way that coaxes things to grow rather than pushes them impatiently into growth, that uses gentleness, nurturing and patience rather than the Emperor's autocratic commands.

So if, given that and the pile she's shows up in, you still can't figure out what she's trying to tell you to do, then keep her out on the table, shuffle the deck well, and ask for a clarification card on what she's trying to tell you about that part of your life. Lay down any cards or as many cards as you need till it comes clear.

Hope that helps.
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Thirteen's advice is, of course, right on...

I would add that I usually see a trump as a life-lesson card (something that you have yet to learn.) If if keeps popping up, you are not learning her lesson. Once you figure out what the lesson is (perhaps via Thirteen's method), the card will likely stop popping up for you!

(It may be asking you to be and show more nurturing care to others or to learn to better express your own creativity...or something like that. If it is the Outcome card most of the time, it could also be that your mother or a mother/image will loom largely in the outcome of the situation--or that the situation, itself, will help you to learn the lesson of the Empress.)
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It's probably telling you that you need those things, or they are on their way.

Could also be telling you to spend more time outdoors, or at least pay more attention to nature and the animals around you (in addition to the things other people have mentioned).
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tarotcardfaery  tarotcardfaery is offline
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Whenever I see the Empress I see the ebb and flow of life. The Emperor is the ruler of the intellectual/human world and the Empress of all natural things, including animals.

There is something that you are "pregnant" with not child. But something that has not yet manifested in the real world. Pregnancy would be with an idea, or a business. There is something you need to manifest, for the world, that you have not done so yet. It may do with the natural world. Remember there is the seen and the unseen realms. As with creative manifestation (books like the Secret) you must first imagine what you want and then manifest it, believing it will come. There is something you must want, but it is still in the sky..... you have not yet brought it down.
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Remember she can also be about creativity, and as Venus she is about love of all kinds and simple taking care. Are you nurturing yourself as you should?

I like Thirteen's suggestion a lot, and may try that the next time I have a repeater.

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Smile All

Thank you everyone for your generous contributions and your time. I took thirteens advice and she came up in the first pile Intellect/ Communication/Problems,
Still wasn't 100% sure what it was saying so tried her second method to see if I could get a clearer picture and the clarification card was the 10 OF PENTACLES....not sure about this at all. Will concentrate on it a bit more.
Thank you once again to everyone who has contributed and please feel free to carry on if you come up with any more ideas. A special thank you to Thirteen.
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Originally Posted by Sulis
Maybe she's telling you that you need to start enjoying your life as it is right now. Live life to the full and in a sensuous way.
I tend to agree with Sulis on this one. The Empress has been following me around for quite a while now. I work and stress and work and stress,....

I think it's time for me to kick back (like she does) and enjoy the things around her, enjoy the moment, take time for myself, pregnant with the joys of life.
Seriously, I have no clue how to do that, but I'm sure gonna start trying. The time is ripe for ME.
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