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Summersnowflake's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Oct 2007
Location: Idaho, USA
Posts: 57
7 of clubs

This might be a "duh" question, but what do regular playing card suits correspond to in tarot? The reason I ask is I found a playing card on the ground today, turned it over and it was the 7 of clubs. I wanted to think about any significance from a tarot point of view and realized I don't know what tarot suit that would be!
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afrosaxon's Avatar
Join Date: 09 Dec 2007
Location: MIA
Posts: 5,630

Clubs = wands.

7 of Wands: a card usually of defensiveness. The card in a RWS-based deck usually shows a man holding a wand, and there are six wands coming at him from the front. The kicker is that no one can see who is holding those six there really anyone there?

The card is usually interpreted as defensiveness and being on one's guard; also, standing one's ground and taking the "high" road.

Of course, meaning can vary depending on the surrounding card(s).

Hope this helps.


--"I wonder how many readers are left-handed?"--nisaba
--"That's vital info there. After all, wouldn't all the reversals be reversed?" -- Milamber

"Sometimes I wonder if we should have a special forum here devoted to Competition for Head Delphic Oracle. " -- Debra
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Inana's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Feb 2003
Location: Spain
Posts: 1,318

Is curious. I always think too about tarot meaning when finding playing cards on the street (and that happens more usually than one might think...).

And for the seven of wands: stand and fight. Have courage and go for it.
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littlestar's Avatar
Join Date: 21 Nov 2008
Location: ~Somwhere in the world~
Posts: 15,447

From memory -

Pentacles - Diamonds
Swords - Spades
Cups - Hearts
Wands - Clubs
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Join Date: 21 Apr 2007
Location: Portland, Maine
Posts: 2,744
7 clubs

the meaning for the playing card, 7 clubs, various meanings: "move to a new office (business); change in social surroundings (new milieu); overwork; the opening of doors; too much activity"
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Vadella's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Apr 2005
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 1,444

Yeah, I noticed playing cards seem to have different meanings than the tarot. I just can't help myself sometimes to use the Tarot meanings with the playing cards. But when studying I try to differentiate between the two. There are many different ways to go about reading playing cards and here's one suggestion of the 7 of clubs "wands"- Signifies desire, particularly sexual attraction. This card does not represent any type of affection, simply the sexual attraction seeking gratification. Which is taken from this thread-

If you look up playing cards or Cartomancy on the forums you will find varying ways.

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Summersnowflake's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Oct 2007
Location: Idaho, USA
Posts: 57

Thanks for all the responses!
I found this card in the parking lot of a big store on a busy day and it was already bent in half, possibly the remains of the original owner's battle with the unknown wand bearers, who knows.

But as for me, now that I can associate it with a tarot card I know, 7 of wands in the good old Rider-Waite deck, I think I can guess what this card is telling me. It was just starting to snow when I found the card, and although I love snow and winter, December is the time of year I often hole up at home and shrink from the world. Just when there are things to do and obligations to meet. So I think this card is reminding me to be brave and overcome my December anxieties, take charge of my life. Let me not be the bent-face-down-in-the-snow version of this chance encounter. I'll be the stand-up-and-face-the-season version instead (I'll try!)
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