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Is this a Lemurian Seed Crystal?

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earl  earl is offline
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Is this a Lemurian Seed Crystal?

Good day to everyone here in AT.

I have owned this double terminated quartz for 2 to 3 years now. And lately, I have read about lemurian seed (LS) crystals on the web. And I remember that I have a double terminated wand that seems to have the "ladder-like grooves" seen on a lemurian seed. But the grooves on mine are faint and needs a good lighting for it to be seen or you need to feel it with your fingers for you to notice that there are grooves in it.

At first, I thought that my crystal is just too cloudy and is of low quality. But then, most information I read about LS is that they are naturally matte and a bit rough.

I have attached a few pictures of my quartz and I hope someone could validate my claim that this in fact is a LS.

I had to utilize the best lighting I can so that you can see the grooves.

And I have noticed that my crystal have been getting less cloudy lately.
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Hi Earl,

happy to see you in the crystal/herbs forum! I am certainly no "expert", but I have several lemurian seed crystals as well as differing quartz crystals. I have looked at your pics, my crystals, and representations online, and unfortunately I don't get the sense that your piece is a Lemurian.

The main thing I noticed is that the "matte" you spoke of is throughout your a Lemurian the matte is still see-through and the clear parts are "crystal clear", even darker or smokey ones have a clearness to them that I do not see in your piece. It is hard to tell from just a picture, but I also got the sense that the markings on your crystal are from tool markings not the ladder markings found within a Lemurian. This is strictly my opinion though and you may wish to take it to a crystal shop near you to see what they can tell you. It is very difficult to judge a crystal from a photograph.

Here is a website that shows some great Lemurian pics, you may also want to google images of Lemurians to get a sense of what they actually look like compared to your crystal. Sadly, I think you were right in your first assessment of this appears to be just a poor quality quartz crystal.

If I can get it to work, I will also post a couple of photos of a few of my Lemurians so you can see.
Attached Images
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Hiding in Shadows  Hiding in Shadows is offline
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Hiding in Shadows 

The ridges on a lemurian can be faint or really pronounced. They typically look like a bar code. The other thing I've noticed is that the tip shapes are fairly consistant. One large flat side and five smaller sides. All of mine have the same tip shape, smooth sides with the horizontal ridges. Not saying it doesn't exist, but I have not seen a double terminated lemurian as of yet. They don't always have a matte finish. I have a few shiny ones. Lemurians are unique. Even if you can't normally feel crystal energies, you can probably feel something out of one of these.
At first, I thought yours was not a lemurian. Hard to tell from the pics, but the more I look at them, the more I think it may be. I see the ridges you're talking about. Can't see the tip good enough, but that alone isn't a disqualifier. I'm going with "possibly" to be my final answer. Try to meditate with a known piece of plain clear quartz, and then with the possible lemurian. Although both are actually clear quartz, if the one is a lemurian, it will give you a very different experience. Good luck!
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shelikes2read  shelikes2read is offline
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Spoiler of Felines

I'm thinking that some (if not most) of the quartz points I've used to make wands are Lemurians. I have a whole bunch of jewelry-sized quartz points that I bought in bulk.

Understand, I did my main studying of crystal types back in the early '90s, which was a few years prior to the proliferation of channeled information that describes specific meanings for every last kind of quartz point that Nature has ever produced. So while I'm cognizant of what stones correspond to which chakra, and some of the specific uses of individual minerals, when it gets down to quartz point shapes, I am not always the one to ask about which shape does what.

Here is a perfect example of what a LOT of my laser jewelry points look like. Pay special attention to the point on the wand on the bottom. The horizontal striations, which are relatively faint, are nonetheless clear enough to be identifiable in this image, even though I was not making a point of highlighting them. The surface of this point is somewhat "granular" or not-glass-smooth; this is why the stone is giving a milky appearance under the light. However, the inner structure of the point itself IS clear and if I had the means and the desire to polish it, the result would be an entirely clear laser point.

I"m curious to get to know what a Lemurian looks like, because it's possible I could update my Etsy listings accordingly, to describe the quartz points I've used in more detail.

Rather than post a whole ton of links, here is the slideshow on Photobucket, with a bunch of close-ups.
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