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Anybody ever have weird experiences with Moldavite?

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I understand - I'm not particularly enjoying it all, mind you, but I keep wearing the stone.

Originally Posted by HYLEG
Hi dear,

I think I can help you with this doubt of yours. You see, Moldavite is not a stone that brings about the transformation we think we want to see. It brings, instead, the transformation we NEED, we might not even recognize we need to go the other way but we do. You were divorced because it is the necessary step at this point in time to help you evolve spiritually. It is very possible that your ex-husband was holding your spiritual advancement back, so the Moldavite just gave you a kick of a help. In time, you'd have divorced your husband anyway, it would have just taken more time to end it definitely. The moldavite accelerated the process, gave definition to this area of your life now, instead of two years from now, understand?

You are now divorced (though you were already separated when you acquired your Moldavite) and have a new job. Give it a chance and you'll see much more positive transformations coming to your life. The time frame I see more commentaries about is TWO YEARS TIME. I'm in the middle of it for I have my Moldavite for 13 months now. I've been shown stuff I can't even describe properly, never mind my soul, how deep it was touched. It has been painful but I can see the point the stone is trying to make. I am following other people using it, so I can guarantee you the effects are very different from one person to the other. A client of mine was having serious problems with her business and also with her husband. It seems that the moldavite energy helped a lot, for she is doing very well with her husband and the business turned around in a very positive way. She thanks me a lot for insisting so much she should get the stone: she finally did and is much happier now.

It has been different with me. Moldavite is forcing me to face, to examine some deep seated old painful memories/events, it hasn't been easy but I do recognize it is a necessary step in my spiritual quest. Yes, I've been feeling a deep sadness but I won't get rid of my stones, no sir, let it come, we'll see where does it takes me. I'm also feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to move to Europe (from New York City), though I have no way of doing it. If the move is for the best I am sure my Moldavites (yes, I now have three stones, two rings, earrings and two pendants) willl see that I accomplish it.

In time, in case it was not understood: Moldavite CANNOT and WILL NOT change your Karma so, again, whatever comes to you helped by the stone energy are events and changes scheduled to happen to you, the Moldavite will expedite these events and changes, that's all. In other words, if you are bored to death with life here on Earth and need to speed up your process, whatever does that mean, Moldavite is the stone for you.

As companion stones I strongly recommend you get Herkimer Diamond, a couple of Satyaloka Crystals and some Quartz Crystals. Any quartz will work extremely well with Moldavite though the crystals I mention are particularly important.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

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HI RED, I'd love to hear your MOLDAVITE experiences...

What kind of changes you can see are happening in your life right now, that you'd say were triggered (or helped) by you wearing a Moldavite?

Thanks in advance for your response,


Originally Posted by red :)
i have owned a peice of moldavite for a few months. i am experiencing something similar to you. so if you want some one to chat to about it im all for it . it would be great to hear about others experiences with this amazing crystal.
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red :) 

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Originally Posted by HYLEG
What kind of changes you can see are happening in your life right now, that you'd say were triggered (or helped) by you wearing a Moldavite?

Thanks in advance for your response,


I have to say i love my moldavite!!

i have seen many changes. when i first started wearing it the feeling was so intense. it opened my heart chakra right up. it has helped me come to terms with my past and bad experiences. its not a subtle stone for me . every thing hit me hard but forced me to deal with it all and put it behind me.

my attitude towards my relationship has changed, i am able to open up and fully trust again.

it has helped with my illness, and forced me to look towards the future.

my tarot readings are more insightfull and quite intense.

its like others have said, when you look back you can see the changes it has helped bring about.

the vibrations from the stone are warming and intense, i wear it every day and wear it with quartz alot. it seems to amplify the effect of other stones and crystals two fold !!

when im happy and i wear it i feel euphoric

its even drawing me towards people i have known in past lives, my dreams are so vivid and intense and i can remember every detail of them.

i recently lost my moldavit while playing with my dogs in the front yard. i thought there was no way i would find it as the grass was so long. i went looking for it , then i realised my feet were tingling so i looked down and there it was right between my feet !!

when choosing crystals i hold my moldavite, my hands will tingle when i find the crystal that are right for me. its the same when im doing readings, my hands will tingle when i touch the right card. my body tingles when i come to the right decision, think possitive thoughts ect.

visualisation is so much more powerful and intense to.

all in all it has turned my life around !

its great to see that you and others have had similar experiences, im not alone

i have so many experiences to share but my msg is long enough lol

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entropy  entropy is offline
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what does everyone think of gifting moldovite? Good idea or not? Invasive? helpful?
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This is a really interesting thread--I'm intrigued by the very strong effect it has on people. I used to work selling gems/jewelry, and among my coworkers the feeling was unanimous: everyone felt a vague "yuckiness" attached to moldavite. It wasn't something we discussed often, but it was common to hear from the desk over, "Ugh...moldavite." All the mentions of nausea & discomfort in this thread were spot on with my own experience. After reading through all this, I wonder if moldavite's thornier side was encouraged by the corporate atmosphere. Seems plausible to me.
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I am just wondering if anyone can tell me how Moldavite has influenced friends and family whom you spend a lot of time with, for example have you noticed any change within the household and inhabitants after bringing home Moldavite?
I am also interested if even though you wear the Moldavite yourself does it effect people you spend time with, talk to, live or work with?
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starfox323  starfox323 is offline
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Originally Posted by Netzach View Post
I have a friend who runs a crystal shop. He is extremely knowledgeable about crystals and what they can do. And he won't stock Moldavite. Very occasionally he will get a piece in for someone who he's absolutely certain is spiritually developed enough to cope with it and use it . . . but otherwise his advice is avoid it. He says it takes you down into the dark area of your being and, if you don't know how to deal with it, there can be problems.
I totally agree with this first I had really weird experiences with this stone. I could feel the energy from it magnifying my own energy and mindset. I found I couldn't really sleep with this stone in the same room without having constant visuals or lucid dreaming non stop. The flip side is I could pull off stuff that would seem unreal to most such as activating certain phychic abilities such as reading others thoughts, feeling epathy, surpassing the need to sleep much and catching up days later with the need for much rest at all. About 6 months of building up my ability to do these things I felt like I was breaching energy walls...I could rise up out of my body somewhat and overide bodily effects such as sleep, alcohol, alertness and start percieving what areas of my brain I was using in a tangable way. This awareness brought me to understand how the energy system works. I could percieve how people give, take and talk to eachother energeticly and subconciously. Kind of like peoples spirits are like russian dolls with a 'higher octave' being another subset of there conciuosness that there not aware off. Being aware of this I set the intention of I help u, u help and and had spirits of both the living and 'dead' around me all the time. This was comforting at first but following the advice of a certain spirit/conciousness that had advanced understanding of conciousness being like keys on the piano and how to create morphogenic fields as I thought of it, I created a energy within me that activated the kundalini is the closest I could describe I suppose which left me ****ed up for 2 years of hell. Dark forces kept at me day and night and things were experienced that I know no one could ever understand or relate too. Earthly things, groundedness, and enjoyment of the physical world being purely physical and not a holographic projection of spirit that understands how many things exist that aren't fun to play with is all I care about these days. Perhaps it was just me but beware of what you reach for with this stone...I asked for enlightenment and all I was enlightened with is just how scary the real world is and a fear of what other types of conciuosness lurks in our earthy playspace.
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What an awful experience, Starfox. I'm glad you decided to post here about it . . . particularly since you've been a member for two years and have only just posted. So, congratulations on your first post . . . I hope we'll hear more from you on other threads, now you've taken the plunge.

I hope, too, that you've fully recovered from the experience of the Moldavite. Don't let it stop you from exploring your spiritual gifts, though. But do it with an experienced and trustworthy teacher. And protect yourself by using rose quartz (for love) and haematite (for grounding). Also Rescue Remedy can probably help to rid the body of unwanted energies.
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Golden Silvery Dionna
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Golden Silvery Dionna

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I strongly second Netzach's advice.

This does seem to be a stone of extremes, as others have also noted.
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I dont own any moldavite allthough after reading this thread I would very much like to, only problem is I have to buy all my crystals online as there are no shops near where I live that stock this sort of thing, and as someone else said I would be a bit concerned about fakes as its quite expensive, does anybody know of any good uk sites?
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