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4 of swords and the knight of cups

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4 of swords and the knight of cups


I was wondering if anyone has ever had this combination... I drew it for my self , and I get either restneeded or emotional news where in which I will need rest...
Not sure though could this be illness or pregnancy as well??

Thank you,

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Aurelious  Aurelious is offline
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Nah, if it was news it would have been a Page. Knights are about action, the Cups representing the emotional spectrum.

You may receive better answers if you post all the cards and your interpretations into the "Your Readings" section.

4 of Swords + Knight of Cups could mean a cruise vacation as much as it could mean illness.
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my take on the knight of cups overall is that of the most vulnerable love, be that within ourselves or our children, especially the first born, male or female. The repose of the four of swords can often appear as a defensive position, especially after a wound of some kind be that financial or someone's feelings were "bled".
It is possible that the combination is informing you of a time when it is necessary to take stock in someones feelings that were wounded, perhaps told by the three of swords as well. By taking stock I would suggest have a considerably honest discussion with self to see if there was an offense upon your self that was pacified prematurely or if you may have offended someone else and are accepting a peaceful response that was only meant to placate.
Surprisingly there is another practical interpretation, in short, this may just be an identity of someone who has bought a new car. The defensive four of swords can also be what is perceived as the four sides of an automobile.
Take your pick.
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balenciaga  balenciaga is offline
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lots of variations depending on context as A. has mentioned above (hard to see without the reading posted):
4 sw + kn cups = the time arrives when rest or removal of oneself to be alone is the best course of action.
An invitation to go for a rest, as in time alone to contemplate. Vacation is possible.
If you are saying it might have to do with a pregnancy, then maybe some bed rest.
Either way - the knight is offering it, asking you to do it or bringing it - the energy of the 4 sw - rest or exile.
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I always read the cards literally , in the pictures. That is just how I read. So, I always take knights as being a visitor, or news coming. I take the page as news by phone, e-mail. But the knight is news or a visitor. The 4 of swords is a hospital bed or illness. It depends....if this just came up out of nowhere. I could be news of someone ill. Or if it is specifically about you...I can mean going out more after a time of sickness or just being down in the dumps.
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If I were combining the Four of Swords and the Knight of Cups, I might suggest some of the following interpretive possibilities

-a romance put on hold
-a boyfriend who is ill
-languishing in catatonic torpor while your love and dreams ride away

or conversely:

-emotional healing
-creative recovery
-finding inspiration by listening to the creative voices that come through in a meditative trance
-facing death to recover one's inspiration to live
-making oneself very very still in order to allow the wellsprings of the heart to flow again
-creative dreaming


P.S. Katherine, welcome to AT! I see this is your first post. Why don't you have a trot on over to New Members and introduce yourself?
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