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Does the wheel turn 180 or 360 degrees?

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Does the wheel turn 180 or 360 degrees?

Someone I know has just started their Wheel of Fortune year. At first I thought that to be a good thing, a positive thing but the year started off really rough, so it got me thinking if the wheel must turn, does it turn 180 degrees or 360 degrees? because I was going by the image in the RWS Deck in thinking that if things have gone bad all this time, now the wheel will turn and things will start going good and so the wheel would turn 180 degrees. Because if it turns 360 degrees then you end up where you began, in that if things are going bad they will get worse and you will end up where you started. So if you are miserable and life is rough it will remain that way or turn worse so then nothing is really changing at all but remaining the same.....since its going back to the beginning.

I just want to know if things will improve for them or keep getting worse so what do you guys think 180 or 360 or neither??
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The crowned one 

I look at it more like a gaming wheel. "where it will stop, nobody knows!"

For the very in-tune and wise they may see it as more like a gear in the comic wheel of life where all things are interwoven.
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I'm with the Crowned One.

With the wheel of fortune, I've always interpreted as a turning point, but it could be a physical turning point, a mental turning point, ANY kind of turning point, and not necessarily for the better. It would just be the next thing that has to happen.
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Yeah, I'm with everyone else.

There's no real way of telling when it's going to stop. You could go through several revolutions of the Wheel, or you might not even make it through one full spin. The Wheel spins, with you riding it, and you have to deal with it when it finally stops.
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If you look at the image on the Wheel card, then it would seem that it COULD turn 360 degrees, but as others have said, I think it's more likely that nobody can depend on where it will stop, so it could even conceivably go past 360 by a time or two or fall short of it. Nobody knows for sure. It's a gamble. The only sure thing is that it will turn.
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ana luisa 

Interesting question, Pao! I never thought about the Wheel as going to the opposite side (180) or going back to where you came from (360). It rather gives me the feel we get when the roller coaster cart stops at he very peak and you KNOW nothing will remain as is any more.
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I went through my Wheel year 2 years ago. I'm sure everyone's experience is different, but for me, the entire year was one of continuous ups and downs. I had very high highs and extremely low lows, and I could go from deliriously happy one day to absolutely devastated the next. There was no foretelling what part of my life would go great and what part would be horrible, or when an issue would turn around for the better or worse.

The whole year was like riding a rollercoaster in the dark. But I did learn a lot, and when the next year rolled around, I felt I had made a great deal of progress in my life, and learned a lot about not becoming too attached to outcomes or certain situations. So don't let your friend get discouraged. You do end up getting a lot out of the Wheel year.
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le fey 

This is interesting... I don't know why but I've never thought of the Wheel as a roulette wheel - never thought of it stopping at all.

For me, it's always moving - 'this too will pass', the good and the bad. Everything in cycles and thinking that where you are today is where you've 'landed' permanently is just asking to be surprised when things changed.

When it shows up, it is pointing that out - that where you are isn't permanent, so don't get cozy (or feel defeated)... just ride things out because life is constantly on the move.
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I always got the impression that it is completely random. It may go 360 degrees, or it may not even turn at all, or anywhere in between. The feeling that I get from this card is to expect the unexpected.
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Join Date: 05 Oct 2006
Location: Currently in the Twilight Zone
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well i always saw it as turning in one direction not both. sort of like the game show the wheel turns only one direction but I figured it keeps turning and turning so it things are going bad and the wheel turns then they should move towards the better phases of the wheel....not make one full turn and land on "bad" again, specially during the wheel year. well it seems i am a tad more confused now!
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