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Pick the card.

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Pick the card.

I'm wondering how people choose the card when doing a reading.
Usually, after fanning it out i would close my eyes and let my hand choose it based on my guts.
How do you guys do it?
With your eyes opened or clsoed?
If it's with closed eyes, do you choose the card based on any sensation you felt with your hand?
I hope i don't confuse you guys, my english is crappy.
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Your English is fine

I shuffle hand to hand, and rarely fan the cards. I stop shuffling when I feel "ready" and I do it with my eyes open. When I'm finished shuffling, I don't cut, either, I deal straight off the top of the pack, face up straight away, into the positions I intend to use.

\m/ Kat
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Dusk Till Dawn 

I shuffle the cards until I can see the Deck separating in the middle, like cut in halves. Then I choose the Top one, with the Eyes open.
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Well, once I'm done shuffling, if I have the space (or the inclination) I will fan the cards out in front of me...if not, I fan them in one hand and pick a card with the other.

Sometimes I close my eyes and I stop when it feels right, but I've found that I actually pick the cards better with my eyes open. I'll be moving the edges of the card with my finger, sort of browsing through the deck, and I'll see the edge of a card before I hit it and go, "Oh, there it is."

In a way, for me reading the tarot is like reading the book. There are some things that break my willing suspension of disbelief. Reversals are one of those things, which is why I shuffle in a certain manner, to prevent them. It's also why I can't deal from the top of the deck - I can accept that I'll pick the card that needs to be picked as I go through it, but I can't bring myself to believe that the cards will line themselves up in the order I need them. (Interestingly though, I don't mind if others do it, so...)
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I shuffle them and when the time feels right deal them straight out from the top without fanning them out.
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I've never fanned them out, but I do automatically cut them after shuffling. Must try reading without cutting...
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I just shuffle and pick from the top when my deck allows me. I use the Fey and they're rather active. Lots of times, cards flip, pop or slide out when I'm shuffling. Those cards are ALWAYS right...

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Most of the time I shuffle until it feels right.
Sometimes cards jump out (sometimes as single, sometimes in a stack of three or more), I read those too, since I feel that for some reason they wish to speak.

{my aunt, shuffles until the cards jump out and those are the only ones she reads. She does a lot of shuffling allowing the cards to fall out as they may.}

After shuffling, I cut to the left in three piles and place them back together, starting with the first pile, then the second and then the third until they are back in one single pile.

Then I place my layout.
My favorite is the CC, but I have used others for myself.
Sometimes I don't place a particular meaning for the layout position when I read for myself.

I always use the CC when reading for others and have always gotten very positive feedback for nailing the subject, except for one time here when i picked up on someone's friend rather than for the individual I was reading for, that reading was very strong, made me cry while reading it and very alarmed for the issue.

Sometimes I do fan out the cards and move my hand along them laying in the fan, I do pick up sensations of the cards that want to speak. It's kinda like an electric sensation. Sometimes it even feels as if the cards are moving up to reach out for me. I do this with my eyes closed, but do open them to see which card is giving off this sensation.

I have also just laid the cards on the table and just scattered them with my hands, round and round, mixing them up and then do the same thing as described above.

Cool question!
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I shuffle, often 7 times, and draw from the top.
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Tarot: I shuffle, cut it three times each with three stacks, put it together and fan them out.
Then drew the cards one by one.
All with the left hand.

Lenormand: Shuffle, then cut it in three stacks, take the top cards as heading. Put them together again and lay them out.
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