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Tarot Basics: Favorite card Assignment

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Well . . .

You're gonna think I am wishy-washy, or just being a wise guy . . . But my favorite card is often the one I'm looking at at the time. I'm giving my Robin Wood deck a rest and currently working with the World Spirit, and I just love looking at these cards.

What I really like is the part where Thirteen does all the work and we get to sit back and read and enjoy and think.

So, I simply cut the deck. The card I drew is the Three of Pentacles.

This card shows a confident woman wearing contemporary clothes displaying her work to a potential buyer, a guy in a medieval costume. She is showing him three colorful pentacles she designed. She is entitled to her pride and confidence, 'cause behind her on her work table are piles of sketches showing her dedication to her craft.

(Behind her is a window and a cat takes a cat-stretch on the window ledge. A night city skyline is outside the window, and it could be my city, San Francisco, or, if you live in a city, I'll bet it could be your city.)

Traditionally, the card says that if you love your craft, profession, art, and are dedicated and willing to work hard, you can succeed. Downside? Beyond traditional meanings, there is a shadow message: TANSTAAFL ("there ain't no such thing as a free lunch," -- R. Hienlien). You can best develop your talent with perseverance and hard work. Without that, you're only left someday to mumble, "Well, I could have . . . I could have . . ."

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Folie Yolen  Folie Yolen is offline
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Folie Yolen 

This one's MUCh easier to do than the least favorite.. The Moon! I love this card! I loove it.. ^__^;;

It represents all the magical, wild, primal night forces that I seem to be so fascinated by.. The mystic 'otherworld', the creative energies..
Wolves running through a dark green forest at midnight, a full moon's light shining in.. *squeals* Wolves!

And negative.. I can easily see the negative.. Madness, depression, mood fluctuations, deception..

Ooh boy..Some card to like. ;p

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Hmmm Iīve pinned them down to 4 now .... but how to get from here - oh dear ???
I got 2 pentacles, 7swords, the devil and the chariot ;D Hehe what a combination.

The way I see these 4 cards, they relate to eachother with the chariot as maintitle, holdin the meanings of the other 3 within. So Iīll say chariot is my all time favorite.
It shows how to make the most out of living, how to get by in life, how to devide and organize, keeping a cool head having perspective. Holding on to heart and mind, not letting them run wild in their own direction taring the warrior apart. It got movement, power, courage - itīs saying "get on your feet and do something", itīs got action and drive. Confidence and victory. It has the guts to say "no !" and the heart to say "yes" - it has the means to set the world up in black/white and make priorties and act upon them. Itīs making strategies for victory and follows them through, cutting off the enemies and being lifelong loyal to the allies.

If I were to see something negative, it would be, that some ppl are like this, not realizing they hurt others, using elbows to get through the crowd, walking all over others for their own benefit. Just moving straight ahead without considering the consequences they cost others.

I think thatīs it
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Great analysis on the pros & cons of the Chariot. I think you're spot on there! I especially like your comment about "using elbows to get through a crowd" As a Cancer and as the Chariot is my soul/personality card (yeah, same as you bec) that is way too right. "Outta my way, sucker!"
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fairyhedgehog (02 Dec, 2001 00:47):
I thought maybe the star was my favourite card, but looking through my Hanson-Roberts deck it is Temperance

Wow. You've stumped me there. Temperance really has very few negatives. The only one I can think of is that it implies frugality, moderation, balance. And sometimes, this can be carried too far. Sometimes, as the card which follows it (the devil!) suggests, you need to indulge, go to extremes, unbalance.

That's about all I can think of. It really is a very harmonious card in meaning as well as appearance.
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tiger lily  tiger lily is offline
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tiger lily 

Strength. I just *love* that lion, and I like to think that the woman doesnīt close his mouth, but opens it. Let it roar! Itīs a witch card, a shapeshifter card and a very wild card. Itīs The Jungle and I love it.

Bad? Thereīs absolutely nothing bad here! No, Sir! ;-)
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Hi guys!

I usually work with the the Raider.
My favorite card is the Empress,she is so beautiful and happy so plenty and self realized that the smallest thing I can do for her is love her, at the same time I recognized that so happy she is that she could lose her commpass and our skills need to be sharpened by hard situations in life. to live in an ideal world is always the best thing to evolucionate.
My another favorite is the Hermit, a very wise man that prefer lonliness to a a bad company which I found very interesting and loable. The bad thing is all thaty wisdom and he doesnīt have none to transmit it.
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My favorite card from my current deck (World Spirit) is Temperance. The angel is kind of Aztec-looking, which is cool, but what I really love is the stuff he pours between the two cups. In most decks that I've seen, this is water, or sometimes a rainbow - here it's a glistening, lava-like substance, which is cool. It really symbolizes the "creative juices" for me, reminds me of the Thoth reinterpretation of Key 14 as Art.

So I see this card as the careful harnessing of creativity, having the practical skills to turn creativity into a viable project (i.e. marketing skills, or perseverance to finish a creative project that stems from a good idea, following through that spark of an idea to fruition). Also, being able to balance a creative personality with common sense. But I think I have a tendency to ignore the original meaning behind the card title - Temperance, meaning virtue and moderation. The lava makes me want to be immoderate.
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Oh I love this thread, especially the part about the High Priestess. I'd never thought about those aspects of her before. In the Kalevala deck, the High Priestess is Aino, who drowns herself rather than be married to this man who she's basically been sold to. I guess I see the connection now.... She's a ghostly presence on that card, solemn, hovering over the waters. Aino comes back transformed into a mermaid or fish, I believe, uncatchable, untouchable...

I think my favorite card depends on the deck, but I really love the Queen of Pentacles in the Light and Shadow deck. She's got antler horns! And she just seems so peaceful and grounded, strong, unshakable, a mysterious smile on her lips, shield in hand. She seems like a mother to me. I guess maybe the negative aspect is taking too much of everyone else's burdens, being the one always shielding and caring for others, and everyone thinking you're strong enough to take it all.
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my fav card would be the queen of pentacles from the RW deck. i am a beginner so have not really got into the exact meaning of every card. but when i first looked at this card what comes to mind would be peace and tranquility. the pic shows the queen seated on a throne with a rabbit at her side. rabbit is docile in nature which means the surroundings must be tranquil for the rabbit to stay there in a relax position beside the throne. furthermore the queen is surrounded by flowers around her and there seems to be roses growing above her head from the surrounding shrubs. it seems like this card would be suitable for someone who loves to be surrounded by mother nature and is a peaceful person.

Negative part might be that she is someone who does not like or not able to handle politics and court life as the throne is set in a garden like setting instead of being inside the castle. she can also be stubborn at time based from the fact that her armrest has the head of a capricon. hmmm this is my two cents worth of view. what do u think?
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