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Vision Quest Study Group 1 The Medicine Man

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Keywords*: Mystical forces, your male component, faith in nature’s power, seeing far ahead, intuitive grasp of the truth, flowing energy, the ability and willingness to help, to experiment newly and create outwardly visible manifestations

Inner message*: The Medicine Man tells you that you already are what you seek. As soon as you turn your attention away from ‘wanting to become’ to the awareness of ‘WHAT IS’, you get a taste of the meaning of this card. Once you focus on ‘SIMPLY BEING’ and renounce the mind’s addiction to complicate everything by thinking about it, a new understanding arises. In the immediacy of unfabricated simplicity your greatest talents are revealed. You recognize what is true power, genuine creativity. Your growing awareness of the miraculousness of your existence gives you faith in the workings of the Great Mystery. And this faithfulness makes you capable of using the powers you once feared correctly. Gratefully accept the assistance that is offered to you now.

Outer manifestation*: The fathomless strength of your internal Medicine Man supports you. So dare what must be dared now, no matter whether tit is job-related or concerns an affair of the heart. You can accomplish more than you believe! You are much more than you know! Your true being exists beyond all human imagination. If you allow your mental doors to open and step into the unknown with your whole heart and determination, your outer life will flourish in unknown ways too. Here is your chance to heal, internally and externally, as you go beyond your self-imposed limits. Become aware of your inner power! The power of your internal Medicine Man lies in his faithful observance of nature’s laws, since they reflect the power of the Great Mystery. But his greatest strength is found in the openness and clarity of his perception. This is your key to his innermost treasure.

*From the LWB in case someone wants it
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Elena Nikiforova 

What caught my attention on this card - it's a plenty of details. His bag is decorated, he has feathers in his hair, even his smoking pipe is decorated with feathers. I think, he knows how to make different things better than anyone else.
Strangely, I also could feel a smell of pine trees just when I looked at this card. Interesting, what a symbol of a pine tree can mean? I know, in some cultures the meaning of this symbol arise from the fact they are evergreen, as already was mentioned in this thread.
He is looking straight before, the same as his spirit guide, the deer. Another his spirit guide - the thunderbird - seems is looking to the sky..
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this card to me connects me with the medicine man as a helper coming to me to help me, with medicine to help me trust myself and be put back together, to become whole, who I am meant to be. I love this image for 1 of the MA. He is at home in himself and all of life around him is, I feel he calmly telling me this is what he can help me with also. His medicine pipe is active, actively carrying my deepest dreams, longings upwards. The deer a very skittish animal around humans is calm and trustful. showing me I can deeply trust this person. The soaring bird also telling me this is trustworthy helper.
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