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Victorian Flower Oracle: Daisy

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Victorian Flower Oracle: Daisy


Image: An adult Daisy woman pulls the petals off another daisy (gruesome!), while smaller Daisy children form a daisy chain.

Innocence, Patience are some of the flower meanings assigned. I see childhood games and divination "he loves me, he loves me not". I've seen the flower children represent books, the raw material for a thesis or idea.

I love daisies. They are my favorite flower, I'd rather receive daisies than roses. I love their green scent, everything about them
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

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Daisey's last such a long time. They seem to endure no matter what. They seem to hold up like the Carnation. I was once taught, "They make such great filler." Well, if that is true, they sure do hold up to this cards name. You have to have them to make a family.

I see a chubby face, sweet darlen looking up into the face of her sister as she gestures & caresses another sister's face.

Mother/Older Daisy listens as she grooms another. As if to make sure the story is told correctly. As if to keep her children on the right track.
That is, if she is listening at all!

Chatting with another do they see the little sister to the back, right side gazing up at Mother Daisey to see if she agrees with the sisters? The two sisters to the left seem to agree with each other along with the sister extending her arm to the left of the group.

Is that a panty wearing sister to the far, far left of the card? Or am I dreaming again?

I would almost venture the two sisters to the right of the card differ a tiny bit on what is being told.

Card...everyone has a take on what happens. Some agree & some are waiting to see if it is approved by the older Daisey's.

(I've been running on fumes, here of late! Sorry for my tardiness!)
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I am not sure if this study group is still happening or not, but I am still workign with the cards so I thought I would just keep posting on these threads as I work through the.

DAISY: Family Matters
A groups of daisy's are of varying colors sit on a hill. The eldest is standing wearing a lovely dress with a daisy on the bodice and greenery and petals adoring it. She wears a large open daisy hat on her head and is plucking the petals of a daisy as if playing the "he loves me, he loves me not" game. The younger daisies are all in conversations and enjoying each others company on a beautiful day.

Emotionally I find this card to be about being emotionally preocupied and distracted. The eldest daisy seems quite disconnected from what is going on immediately around her.

A physical manifestation of this card would be being in a group or at a gathring physically but being there in body only. Being in a sort of daze.

The mental characteristics of this card for me are two-fold. From the eldest daisy's point of view it could be that of feeling out of place and hence letting herself mentally go a million miles away. Being mentally absorbed about something or someone far removed from the current interactions. From the perspective of the younger daisy's however it is about sharing conversation and being present in the moment.

On a spiritual level this card is about connection.

What I find most appealing about this card is the central figure of the card. I can identify with her. I am often a million miles away even in a crowd. That is probably why I actually have not even focused much on the other daisy's while writting about this card.

What I find least appealing about the card is that no one else seems to really care about seems to be on the eldes daisy's mind or that she is not interacting with the group. They seem to be talking around her as if she were invisible.

There is much more going on in this card than I originally thought., There is the eldest daisy and there there is the rest. There is isolation and togetherness. There is deep thought on one hand and iddle chatter on the other.

The card is titled family matters, but that seems very vague to me based on what I see. To me it is a bit more about group dynamics in general. We all see and are part of scenes like this regularly.

In reading the companion book meaning I really like the question "who do I belong with?" Tha sense of fitting in and how one defines what "family" really means and who comprises ones "family." I really do not see anxiety or the eldest daisy as a mother, but the aspects of happiness, belonging, etc. I agree with completly. As well as good times and bad times.

Somehow though, this call feels distant and lonely to me.
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.traveller.  .traveller. is offline
Join Date: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 8,101

Hey Jewel, I'm still around but work is crazy busy and I haven't had time to work with the cards. Two more weeks and things should become somewhat civilized again and I'll be back to posting.

I'm reading, but not absorbing as well as I would like.

As for Daisy, I see yearning for what is not around and missing out on what is right before one's eyes. The card is a bit dark and gloomy... perhaps Mrs. Daisy is missing Mr. Daisy, or maybe she's a 'Miss' and had to turn down a date because she had to babysit.
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