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10 of pentacles

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10 of pentacles

I am still very much struggling with 10 of pentacles.

It is a card about established, rich frame, of tradition, of wealth, of accomplishments.

But what if you see it coming up for situation which are none of the above?

For instance, it comes up in a very new relationship. There is no developed structure or something, a totally new thing, just a spark. What does 10 of pentacles says there? I've had it come up also as future for new bonds, but nothing developed out of that relationship.
Could this card in new relationships mean that background is important, that maybe people differ regarding their age, family patterns, money even? I just don't know how to read that...I see it as an "old" card and if it shows up for new relationships or not even relationships but just two people liking each other or someone asking how her crush is going to develop - 10 of pentacles seems a too strong card for that, but it happens that it shows up and then I just don't know what to think.

If it is about established routine...what is the difference between 4 of pentacles? 4 of pentacles is also about having a fixed frame...but maybe more on an individual basis? Like keeping something to yourself, and 10 of pentacles is more like sharing?

I also got 10 of pentacles when asking for my driving lessons, it came up as "present situation". Hm, maybe it means that I am in a solid school with established rules and I am following a certain structured routine, programme?

I would like to hear your views on this card, thanks a lot!
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My take is that the Ten Pentacles is about material things and hte physical world, and as it is a ten, it's pretty much about having that aspect of stuff well-developed.

In a relationship sense it could mean everything from "marrying for money" to a relationship that is largely based on sex rather than other things (sex is very physical). Depends on the circumstances and the surrounding cards.
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in a barrel in the yard

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It could be about doing things not necessarily for the "right or wrong" reasons but for political advancement.

Not to get too negative, but it could mean: being on top by stepping on others, greed, power, control, even bitterness. Money can't buy you love...

It is not only the physical manifestation of one's life's work and studies, but about all the things in life that are in danger of falling to the wayside in order to achieve this. In other words, not all about the final result but the journey getting there.
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Makes a difference if you are using reversals or dignities. With a reversed or ildignified 10 of Pent there may be no foundation, no solidity or a rejection of values -- perhaps being unwelcome or estranged from a family, etc.

Could it be that Person A felt Person B wouldn't fit in to their 10 of Pentacle 'world' ?

4 of Pents is called the miser card. Much different.

Perhaps you should check the threads Thirteen's Basics or The Cards which are stickied in the Using Tarot Cards forum. Here's a link to that forum:

LOTS to read there
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Join Date: 18 Nov 2004
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Posts: 15,315

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Hi, everyone,

thanks for your thoughts. Hm, yes, many things make sense but to be honest, I am still not sure how to interpret this card.

Believe me, I've read a lot - books and cards But it is never enough

The idea that someone has a very established routine and world has also crossed my mind, yes.
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This was one of the cards I pulled last night from the Haindl deck. It is titled "Richness," but doesn't necessarily mean just money, though it includes that as well. It represents all that makes life rich/fulfilling, such as good health, a stable and secure home, art and music, etc. Perhaps it means fulfillment/security in a relationship, or that the driving lessons will make you feel more secure.
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Hi Wind, have you thought about "living" with the 10 of pentacles for a while? You may like to try putting the card up somewhere where you can see it readily, perhaps have a break from thinking about it at first, then take it out of it's deck and maybe even ask it to reveal it's story to you, and kind of "live with card" for a week or so? Sometimes when you do that a meaning or two just comes out of the blue. Sometimes to me I find cards on their own say one thing, but within a pattern of other cards, it is something else. Living with the card though may help you to see all the symbolism within it, the colours, the characters.
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10 pentacles can mean "permanent" or "a long time" (age, years, time spent or invested in something), since pentacles represent the temporal as well as the material.
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Another meaning for the 10 of Pentacles for me is 'Inheritance' or 'Legacy.' It's about what you accumulate and leave behind for future generations, or possibly even for your future self. In a brand new relationship, I could read this card as the relationship will be very deep and meaningful for you, and leave a lasting impression long after the relationship has ended.

I hope that helps!

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Intolerance intolerant

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Hi Wind,

In (new) relationship readings, I think the 10 of Pentacles may also suggest to the querent that the relationship may be tied to the partner's family as much as to just the partner...that the family does and will play a big role in whether or not the querent is "accepted into the fold." Depending on the other cards of the spread, I think it could also mean that this particular relationship will be solid and "forever"...OR that it may be good, but only a transitional relationship (tens being the number of transitions) to an even better relationship down the road.

I think this is one of those cards that needs supporting context (of the other cards in the spread) to get the real meaning.

As far as it coming up in your driving spreads, it could refer to the driving school corporation or the licensing bureau.

[As an aside, I've even seen this one come up to represent a drug half-way house and a convalescent home, though it's doubtful either of those would fit here. ]
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