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Legacy of the Divine Tarot - Judgement

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Legacy of the Divine Tarot - Judgement

have to admit that this was the only card in the deck that I did not like at all when I first saw it. I thought it was a throw back to the Judeo-Christian Last Judgement prevalent in most traditional tarot decks, a cop out (sorry Ciro, just being honest). I noted the flutes, but found it very dark. then I noticed the face to the left below the angels hip hooded and with its nose missing. My friend had to tell me it was a figure of a woman with her arms raised, but even after I saw it; it kept changing into the face for me. It took her a while to see the face I was seeing. The other thing I noticed was the blood appearing to flow from wounds on the dark figures rising
so I knew they were the walking wounded. My friend was drawn to the legs of the figure slightly to the left of center standing almost up right in front of the angel and that they looked like an animal's possibly a goat's. She also saw a figure lying back and holding the ankles of some of the figures at the bottom to the right of center.
Reversed, I got the impression of the figures free falling from a tree like the angel was shaking them loose.
This led me to understand that those figures were a montage conveying more than just the dead, but I was stumped. My friend said to her the card meant recapitulation, but that didn't quite ring true for me, but I was stumped and had an aversion to the the card.
Later that evening while watching television with my husband the show we were watching quoted a couple of lines from a Bob Dylan song, "Shelter From the Storm" and the minute I heard them I knew it was addressing the judgement card, so we paused the show and I came in and googled the lyrics, and after reading them two words came in loud and clear.
They were release and respite.
I googled for the definitions and here is what it said:
Release- A deliverance or liberation, as from confinement, restraint, or suffering.
Respite literally means a period of rest or relief.
That pretty much summed it up for me, but I heard these words in my mind, "It is only you that condemns yourselves to hell." Then I understood that though we may need healing from our wounds, hell is a self-imposed sentence.
Immediately my mind opened, the aversion was gone and I saw that this card represented the other side of the Death card, which, when we had reviewed it earlier my friend and I agreed focused only on the dying not the rebirthing which follows death but more of that later if you are interested.
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I see this Judgement as a release. The ghostly figures here are being set free from whatever was binding them. They are rising from a dark and twisted place, lfoating towards love and light.

In terms of story progression, this can be seen from the binding the Devil causes, and the upset of the Tower, through the hope and healing the Star offers, to walking through the shadows cast by the Moon, finally having what needed to be illuminated by the Sun, thusly we are able to acknowledge those things, and be freed.

The angel is there to force acknowledgment, and to grant absolution, both, because to be freed without learning the lesson needed would be a hollow victory. Micheal is one of the archangels associated with Judgement from a Kabbalistic standpoint, and he is the vanquisher of evil in Christian mythos, as well as the protector of humankind. His presence in this card is a comfort and a bit scary, because often the greatest evil we have to face is within ourselves.

This card can be viewed from a heavily Christian inspired view, or we can look at it as ourselves being both the angel and the freed human. In any case, to me it speaks of forgiveness, but not for free. I feel it means that something must be faced, acknowledged, and set to rights, if it is possible, or simply let go of if it is not. It is now a new starting point, though, and the slate has been wiped clean.
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The Resurrection of the JudgEment

Here is something that might be of interest on this card..
The normal common spelling of "JudgEment" is JUDGMENT the E missing, there is a good reason why this card is spelt with the added "E"..

What I see here is Gabriel is blowing the trumpt ans a resurrection is happenng like described in the Bible. Strange that the card number is XX or 2, the total of the letters for the word "THE RESURRECTION (33 + 165)" = 198 aas well the total for the letters of the double JUDGEMENT + JUDGEMENT = (99) (because there are 2 resurrections XX they also added up 198. X is the synbol for resurrection.

JUDGEMENT = 99 or a double I I (double you) but when JudgEment is used it relates to inner doctrine ESOTERIC.

JUDGMENT = 94 or ID (the source of energy from which the ego and the libido are derived) When judgment is used it relates to out doctrine, EXOTERIC,

So this caed is really about the Judgment of "E".

This is a card about the reurrection of the lower and the higher state of your lower and higher conciousness coming together on the same plane or literally soaring together into higher realms of spiritual awareness.

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