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The Poor Man's Therapist

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The Poor Man's Therapist

I'm sure we've all heard the tarot reffered to as such. It scares me how true the puesdonym is sometimes.

So here's the spread.

Purpose: Have a muddled, clouded mind with serious upsets? Or just can't concentrate? Feel as if you're asking your deck dumb questions that has it annoyed? Try this spread.



1: The "@#$!! what am I feeling?" card. I find stating emotions right up front helps set the tone.

2. Start of the situation, what got you into this?
3. Why is it bothering you now?

4. The 'problem' (not to be confused with the 'start')
5. Possible negative outcome
6. Possible positive outcome

7. What you should/need/consider (to) do(ing)
8. What you should not/ is a bad idea/ don't do

9. But the good news is...or Final outcome, or overall meaning of the spread. Which ever works in the situation.

So anyways, that's The Poor Man's Therapist. I find it works best when you are very upset, and concentrate on one specific emotion rather than a 'general' thing. Because the spread was designed and meant to be used for a specific emotion.

For example: you feel hurt and anger. Concentrate on the anger first and then do a spread for the hurt, and then the lesser emotions that might be associated in that order until you are finished. Write the spreads down and then revist them after you've let them simmer. So you can fully read them with a clear head. Obviously you don't have to be so indepth, but this is just a suggestion.

Hope it helps some of you out there.

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Hey there!

First off, I'm surprised no one has commented on your spread. I really like it! I, among many good friends of mine, get upset and outraged and really just discombobulated all the time, and this spread would be really useful for our deep-set emotions. I'm writing this one down. Thanks so much!

Love from Piper <333
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Was just thinking of creating a spread called the 'depression spread' I like yours better

I some times can't get to sleep cause of way tooo much going on in my mind and I'll get up and ask a stupid question to the cards (thinking that's the problem or this will clear it).. Wish I had this!

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Mazzle  Mazzle is offline
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Cicero, thanks for this spread. The penny didn't drop, it crashed.
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Join Date: 17 Nov 2009
Location: NC, USA
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Ya'll are very much welcome. I am glad it has proved helpful to many people (yes that means you lurkers ^_^)

I have this one down in my journal and I tend to refer back to it every now and then. It works great to clear your mind or for emotions that you aren't sure how to label. Hence card 1 in the spread.

Happy Holidays ya'll ^_^

Mazzel, I hope your penny isn't totaled. ^_^
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Willow Huntermoon 

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This spread cleared up alot! Thank you for a wonderful spread!
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Asbestos Mango  Asbestos Mango is offline
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Asbestos Mango 

well, after lo, these many weeks, I decided to go ahead and give this spread a try. I use the Tarot to just sort out my thoughts a lot, and this came in quite useful.

I found myself interpreting cards in ways I never would have thought of, due to the positions they fell in. It was an interesting exercise.

I think I'll keep it around for when I'm dealing with free-floating anxiety or am feeling depressed for no apparent reason.
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This is a fantastic spread!

Being in a somewhat challenging work environment, there have been times over the last year when I've been so unsettled it wasn't even clear what to ask. Hopefully such times won't repeat, but if they do, I've copied the "poor's man therapist" into my journal, and intend to use it.

Wish you well,
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Thank you so much. Yes, I have to say that this spread went into my journal as well.
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Thank you so much for posting this!

That's a spread that will come in very useful when I have the Mean Reds.
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