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outcome: 6 of cups crossed by the hanged man upright - in X feeling about Y

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Wink outcome: 6 of cups crossed by the hanged man upright - in X feeling about Y

Hi to all,

Wondering can you give me insight on the outcome cards - that i had a reading on please.

6 of cups crossed by the hanged man upright.

I feel the six of cups represent love, companionship, togetherness,

Whilst looking at the hanged man upright, he doesnt seem to be in pain at all - quite comfortable actually standing on the one foot!

Your insight to these cards would be great - and how you would interpret them into feelings and outcome of course by the cards.... also would there be a timeframe associated with these cards?
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The 6 of cups could be saying that you might
look to relationships that you had in the past that
could hold you back (the Hermit) from enjoying
your future situation.

In other words, you might look back and compare
your present relationship with a person from your
past and that could delay things that you want for
your future with someone else.

There are many other possible meanings as well.

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refresh a relationship?

Maybe a new perspective on an old relationship?? something old is new again>>
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The Thirteenth Moon

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I agree with Tarotlyn. 6/Cups does NOT represent love, companionship, togetherness (per se)--it represents nostalgic love, companionship, togetherness. Comfort-food-love, companionship, togetherness. Security blanket love, companionship, togetherness. Love, companionship and togetherness with someone you know--inside and out--rather than love, companionship and togetherness with someone who is new. This is the card you get in a new relationship where the woman complains, "My new boyfriend is still friends with his ex, and he spends more time with her then with me! He has coffee with her every day and talks to her on the phone every night...." The boyfriends is "6/Cups" with the ex.

Meanwhile, the Hanged Man means that a person is hung up and until they see things in a new perspective, and sacrifice something, they're not moving on.

I think that makes the outcome cards pretty clear, don't you? Until this person sees that their comfortable relationship with some old friend (and it need not be romantic--it could just be an old friendship), flame or ex is blocking them, interfering with exploring new relationships, until they let it go or, as said, see it differently, they're not going to be able to move forward in love. Or take action on any feelings they're having for someone new in their life. Or even take new action toward that old friend.
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In my deck the 6 cups pictures kids in a garden and the card would sometimes come up in readings where children are involved.

So could it be that one of the partners has children and this is sort of making X very cautious in their feelings for Y.

Long shot I know....or as someone says some unresolved issue with an ex are still in the air...
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Perfectly describes the situation with one of the men I had a relationship with at one time. He had kids who were his whole life, which isn't such a bad trait in a man. But he had a relationship with his ex-wife that I thought was extremely odd. He still talked to her every day, consulted with her about business deals, had lunch or dinner with her regularly when he could, she even stayed at his house when she was in town. (She had remarried, though.) And he felt the need to introduce me to her for her approval(!) once we started seeing each other more seriously. In one way I could appreciate that he wanted her blessing since they had kids together, but it still seemed really odd. Thirteen's description of these cards took me right back there.

It made me feel kind of like I was a toy he was allowed to have or something. Or wife #2 in a harem. Didn't work for me.
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