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Greenwood Tarot Mayor Arcana: The Pole Star

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The more I know, I know that I know NOTHING!
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The more I know, I know that I know NOTHING!

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Greenwood Tarot Mayor Arcana: The Pole Star

From Chesca Potter's notes:

The Pole Star
Minor arcana; Aces
Position on wheel: Imbolc.
element: earth/fire
Chakra: crown.
Colour: Violet.
Polarity: white.
Time of day: first light

If The Ancestor is associated with the beginnings of human consciousness, and the formulation of a mythology based on the interaction between people and the land; then the Star is concerned with creation myths of the earth itself. Where do we come from? Is there a spiritual consciousness behind our existence? Is there a deeper purpose underlying our lives? Ancient beliefs thought that the souls of the dead returned to the stars, and new born souls came into physical incarnation from the stars. Nowadays great importance is placed on recording our exact time of birth so that our astrological chart can be generated, giving us a life pattern based on the interaction between earth, planets and constellations.
We consist of atoms and particles like stars. The most ancient symbol of life and death in European culture is the cup and ring mark, and this is the shape made by stars forming themselves in the cosmos. This shape itself clarifies why The Star card is linked to the Aces-from nothing, something is formed, i.e. 0 becomes one. The Star and The Ancestor form a creation myth; because this has been forgotten it is important to restate it.
‘From the essence of stars in the universe, the earth was created, and was blessed. The first tree on earth was the silver birch; the World Tree. From the tree emerged its guardian, the first reindeer, The Primal Creatress, who waits until the first light, the dawn of human consciousness, aware of the guidance and blessing of her origins The Star. With an archaic singing, She drums the manifest world into being. First the four elements, the Breath of life, the Spark of life, the Waters of life, and the first land-the Foundation. Then She calls the primal forest, the birds and animals, the first people. She then marks out the first pathway with her own totem, the reindeer. And she will walk forever with all generations, so that they may remember their origins in the stars, and learn wisdom from those who have preceded them.’
In the picture of The Star card, healing, radiance and a renewal of blessing pours down upon the pole (crown) of the earth.
By visualising this card and the purity of the four elements, you can work towards healing the terrible damage we have inflicted upon the ozone layer, water system and the earth itself.
Positive, focused and energised visualisation is a very powerful means of effecting change.
Drawing The Star card signifies a renewal of spiritual energy, cleansing and healing, a revitalised sense of direction, guidance from your ‘lucky star’, an intuitive knowledge of your destiny.
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The more I know, I know that I know NOTHING!
Join Date: 29 Aug 2006
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The more I know, I know that I know NOTHING!

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my thoughts:

The 8 pointed Polaris stands high above the Earth. Our fragile little blue planet is shown with some wispy cloud cover and white curling spiral close to what must be the central American land bridge. somehow this reminds me of satellite pictures from the weather channel that show a hurricane from far above. It worries me!
The land that is clearly recognizable is North Africa and the European continent with England and also Ireland, the home of the Celts and also the mythical Greenwood.
I wonder, how beautiful and lush and green the land was - back then... at the time of the pre-celtic pastorals. No pollution Yet - no concrete, no pavement no smog..... What have we done to the Earth mother since then? and when will we FINALLY stop?

Polaris will be our North Star for quite a while yet. - until about 3000CE to - give or take. Then Alrai will take over the job.
Will we humans last as long?
Will Mother Earth still be alive - and well, when Polaris returns in 27 800CE?
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The more I know, I know that I know NOTHING!
Join Date: 29 Aug 2006
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The more I know, I know that I know NOTHING!

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The info about Polaris slowly shifting position is from Wikipedia i had to loooook it up:
Originally Posted by wicki
At the present time, the northern pole star, or North Star, is Polaris, which lies about three-quarters of a degree from the north celestial pole, at the end of the "bob" of the Little Dipper asterism in the constellation Ursa Minor. A common method of locating Polaris in the sky is to follow along the line of the so-called "pointer" stars, the two stars farthest from the "handle" of the Big Dipper.
Polaris is a moderately bright star with an apparent magnitude of 1.97 (variable) making it the brightest star in the Little Dipper. Its current declination is +89°15'50.8".
The North Star has historically been used for navigation, both to find the direction of north and to determine latitude. It always appears due north in the sky, and the angle it makes with respect to the horizon is equal to the latitude of the observer.
Due to the precession of the equinoxes (as well as the stars' proper motions), the role of North Star passes from one star to another. Since the precession of the equinoxes is so slow, taking about 26,000 years to complete a cycle, a single star typically holds that title for many centuries.
Polaris' mean position (taking account of precession and proper motion) will reach a maximum declination of +89°32'23", so 1657" or 0.4603° from the celestial north pole, in February 2102. Its maximum apparent declination (taking account of notation and aberration) will be +89°32'50.62", so 1629" or 0.4526° from the celestial north pole, on 24 March 2100.[1]
Gamma Cephei (also known as Alrai, situated 45 light-years away) will become closer to the northern celestial pole than Polaris around 3000 CE. Iota Cephei will become the pole star some time around 5200 CE.
The brilliant Vega in the constellation Lyra is often touted as the best North Star (it fulfilled that role around 12000 BCE and will do so again around the year 14000 CE). However, it never comes closer than 5° to the pole.
When Polaris becomes the North Star again around 27800 CE, due to its proper motion it then will be farther away from the pole than it is now, while in 23600 BCE it came closer to the pole.
In 3000 BCE the faint star Thuban in the constellation Draco was the North Star. At magnitude 3.67 (fourth magnitude) it is only one-fifth as bright as Polaris, and today it is invisible in light-polluted urban skies..
And here is some lore about Polaris from Penguine dictionary of Symbols:
In symbolism worldwide, the Pole Star plays a commanding role as 'the absolute centre around which the whole firmament revolves for ever' . The whole Heaven turns about this fixed point which simultaneously evokes the motionless First Mover and the centre of the universe. The positions of the stars themselves are fixed by their relationship with the Pole, as is that of sailors, nomads, travellers and all those who wander across the emptiness of land. sea or air. In many parts of Europe and Asia the Pole Star is called pivot, hub, navel, life-centre, Gate of Heaven, umbilical North Star. The star is ,also connected with the mystery of birth. In China the princely, noble and wise are compared with the Pole Star 'the fixed star round which all other stars turn in cosmic homage' ( Shakespeare compares human constancy with the 'Northern star' (Julius Caesar 3: v). In short the celestial pole symbolizes 'the centre to which all
things relate, the First Cause from which all things emanate, the force which sets all things in motion and the leader around whom the stars turn like courtiers round their king.' In some primitive religions, the Pole Star is the abode of the Divine Being to whom they attribute 'the preservation and government of the universe. The Pole Star is supremely the throne of God. From its height he surveys all things, rules all things, intervening to reward or punish and making the laws and swaying the fate of the heavenly world of which the Earth is a mere copy'
In Turko-Siberian tradition, 'the Pole Star shines in the middle of the sky and is the Tent-pole of the Heavens.' The Samoyed call it the 'Nail of Heaven', or 'Nail-Star' and the same is true of Lapps, Finns and Estonians. The Turkic peoples of the Altai regard the Pole Star as if it were a pillar - the Golden Pillar of the Mongols, Kalmuk and Buryat; the Iron Pillar of the Kirghiz, Baskirs and Siberian Tatars; and the Pillar of the Sun of the Telyut. The Buryat picture the stars as a herd of horses tethered to the Pole Star.
Von Fulda called the Saxons' 'IrminsUl' Universalis Columna, quasi sustinens omnia ('the Column of the Universe, bearing, as it were, all things'). The Scandinavian Lapps inherited this belief from the ancient Germans and called the Pole Star 'Pillar of Heaven' or 'Pillar of the World'. Irminsul may have been compared with the COLUMNS of Jupiter. Similar ideas still survive in southeast Europe, in, for example, the Romanians' 'Column of Heaven'
The Chukchee hold that the 'hole in the sky' is the Pole Star, that three worlds are connected by similar 'holes', and that it is through them that the shaman and the mythical heroes communicate with the sky. And among the Altaians as among the Chukchee - the road to the sky runs through the Pole Star .... In his mystical journey the Yakut shaman, too, climbs a mountain with seven storeys. Its summit is in the Pole Star, in the 'Navel of the Sky'. The Buryat say that the Pole Star is fastened to its summit. (In Indian mythology Mount Meru rises up in the centre of the world; above it The Pole Star sends forth its light. The Uralo-Altaic peoples also have a central /" mountain, Sumbur, Sumur or Sumeru, above which hangs the Pole Star. 'According to the tradition of Islam, the highest spot on earth is the Ka'aba for "the Pole Star proves ... that it lies against the centre of heaven' The star is also a manifestation of God when faith grows dim, to guard it against all the obstacles which lie on the path of the creature towards its creator. The Pole Star not only shines in the physical sky, but in the human heart, clouded by the passions and, as it were, plunged into sensual darkness.
Uno Harva quotes Anokin for the belief that the Pole Star is not the last but the fifth of the seven or nine obstacles which the shaman has to overcome during his ascent to the Heaven of the Supreme Deity.
Another shamanistic tradition, which Harva quotes from Baratov, is that 'all the worlds are interconnected through openings located close to the Pole Star.' there are records of a similar belief among the Blackfoot Indians.
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