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The Heart of Faerie

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I am interested to know which fae it was....might provide a clue pehaps to the message being sent...
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Oh they definitely love to mess with people. It would be interesting to hear which card it was that you found.

Every time I do use either Fearies' Oracle crazy things seem to happen in the house. I've gotten use to it now.
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I finally picked this deck up, looked through, and can very much see the "city fae" vs. "the country fae". There ere several cards that I really like that I feel could blend well with the original FO, but more on that later. Hands down the freakiest (and most awesome thing) about this deck is the card Prince of Light. He looks EXACTLY like my husband (when he was younger and darker haired). Its uncanny, as if Brian had him posing for a portrait. I love that card. I haven't even looked at the meaning of that card in the book, because its just. . . sooooo Tony.
Rememberance and the Faerie of Growth and the Queens of Passage and Laughter are also my favourites. The Boy haunts me as well. I would say this deck has far more "Modern faerie tale" vibes to it, for example the references to Peter Pan and several things that look like they came straight out of Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass.
Like Jessica Macbeth, I tend to read reversals. I think they can indicate energy blocked or sometimes the unblocking of energy, (depends on the card and whats around it, what position its in, really!) so I 'm going to have to do more reading and studying with the HoF to see how that works out.
I haven't even tried a reading with this deck yet. I'm still getting used to it. OK, I'm off for a hike in the cool shadey forest!
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Ok so where have I been for the last.......however long Ive been away for? I did not even know about this deck until the other day when I noticed a recent thread started about the deck. I seriously have to get this deck! My budget wont allow it at this time but i really really must find a way.....

Thanks to everyone for posting, its really helped me to find out more about the Heart of Faerie.
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Guiding Cauldron 
The Fee Kingdom Grows.....

Hey everyone, some of you may have noticed I've taken several months away from AT and readings in general really. Trying to get perspective I guess and didnt work very well

In that time I have reorganized, redecorated my home and of late have had built a new fish pond in my back garden complete with fish, bell fountain Within 24 hours the water Fee arrived; yes I did say FEE, I have been most urgently informed not to call them by Fae or Fairy but Fee! Oddly it feels right and is of most comfort in knowing; so I have been corrected

My husband and I have both seen them without question! They approve of the pond, gave their blessing and adore splashing and showering under the bell fountain

As I was sifting through decks that I had packed away I was fortunate enough to strike a trade with another AT member for this deck; bless you indeed xoxo I knew I wanted this deck just didnt have funds to purchase hence for my original sifting through state.

This glorious deck arrived yesterday and I have been enjoying it with the up most! The timing is uncanny as the night before its arrival I had a vision/dream of a Man, he seemed of another world but one remembered most disticntly. Upon waking with a start I tried to decipher my dream with no avail! Little did I know the answer was to be in the new arrival of Fee; he's listed inside as one of the Queens consort- and I'm not saying which one

Wasnt sure what to expect with this deck becuase I had not really read to much about it, so as not to get a jaded opinion, before I owned a copy. And deep down I didnt really believe I needed to own another fairy deck; how silly of me!

The original Frouds and I had a tumultueous start, I traded or gave away over 4 copies before I finally kept a copy of my own! They were VERY determined After MUCH trepidation from my part; I have forged a bond with the Fee kingdoms and am gratefull they have given me several years to get used to them! Packed on my reading shelf in a handmade largish soft felt bag along with a fairy wishing coin for over 5 yrs now. Yet I never felt the need to downsize them to a smaller bag, oh and they hate the drawstring closed! They like to breath and remain free- much like myself!

I have learned many paths along my way and my wand was giften of a tree after a rain shower, handmade by me of fair Willow, a Fee favorite for healing, Goddess work and other suitable things. Then late one night I and my wand recieved a blessing from a Fairy Queen herself; my very first sighting of Fee, I was gobsmacked and my jaw fell open in disbelief seeing her all those years ago. What a Royal initiation of acceptance and protection; then I realized I had never been crazy for believing after all!

Come forward to present date and now I add in The Heart, a truly beautiful deck. My initiation seems to have been one of both understanding and not, being present, yet not altogther so in my thinking! Not really topsy- turvy yet a full comprehension of expiriencing both sides at once in a situation, very surreal!

My absolute favorite cards are: The Lady of Faith followed by the journey fairy of The Returning.

I sat with my cards, casualy looked through them, just connecting. Then I did a proper shuffle and started my journey by pulling; The Blessing Fairy.

After that it got a lil amusing; as the Fee played a game at my expence. Oddly, I didnt really mind Since I had done a proper shuffle and mixed all the cards before pulling, The Blessing, I then was informed I had to place all the cards BACK in proper numerical order, make sure every number was accounted for, place them a certain way and then recieve some lessons! A bit cheeky of them really

Lesson one; REALIZATION! I realized something not only with my dream but also a sequence and a comparision, funny enough pertaining to my children! I've always believed my children have other world qualities that usually leave me feeling a bit insane;my youngest more than the rest! Now I know they have Sprite qualities! No wonder I don't understand my life half the time

As it seems, My oldest Daughter has #32-The Faerie of Youth within, while my middle child, yet smallest daughter in height, is the spitting image of #34-Tink (both in temperment and her beliefs!) While my very youngest, my elfin son; bless him relates to #38-The Pan; oh! lucky me

All the numbers are exactely the age differences between my children, My oldest first, then 2 years later my middle, folllwed 4 years later by my son; uncanny! Now in between are #36 The Star Fairy, and # 37 The Faerie of Naughtiness both sending me clear messages of protection, guidance for my children always and down right lighten up woman; they are ok!!

I could continue on with other realizations but I wouldnt want to bore you with my chaos! Lets just leave it at I am already recieving so much than I thought possible, but I dont mind- in fact I daresay I downright needed it! Oh! and did I mention The Heart is most certain of their place, they are indeed in my felt pouch with Frouds Fee but were certain to be placed back to back with them, Bless! xoxo
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What fabulous first experiences with the Heart Faeries(FEE). Your pond and fountain sound lovely for them!

They've been around me, but staying just out of my line of vision. I catch a quick movement out of the corner of my eye, especially when I have the deck out. They love my pansies and thyme, which are next to each other in my garden and are visible from the kitchen window.

Enjoy your time with them! May they bring insight and fun into your life!
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Le Fanu 

mmmm.... bit of a stranger in these parts, but I just had to pop in and say I was in a bookshop yesterday and was very surprised to see this in stock and not particularly expensive (Im sure that from amazon it would be more expensive). I picked it up, put it down, picked it up, put it down, left shop after much indecisive to-ing & fro-ing. There was one open for looking at and I liked the cards much more than the first Fairy Oracle (which always seemed a bit brown). This one seems much richer in the colouring (loved the backs). The artwork seems more detailed, a bit more regal and sumptuous, would you say gothicky? How different is it from the first one? Ive read the comments here and certain things have struck a chord, particularly the differences between this book and the FO book. From what people say about the Heart of Fairy book, I think I'd like it more than the FO book.

Do people use them together? How many cards would it be together? 120 something?

Enable me to why I might like it. In two minds...what would you say are the main differences?
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Guiding Cauldron 

Thanks BD and your plantings sound lovely!

Le Fanu: If you like deep, rich color then the Heart fits the bill. Also if you like thought provoking, and meaning then the Heart fills that as well.

For me I would like to use both FO and Heart together, eventually. For now I'm on a journey of getting into the Heart first. After learning through that I will combine the two decks.

When combined it is a large set of cards that will have BIG personality when working with them. I think working them togther will offset the very earthy, brown feeling you can get from Frouds on its own. I also think working the 2 decks together will actually highlight the Frouds and help you take notice of what otherwise one could easily look over.

My suggestion is that if you like the regal, deeper color of Heart then start with that and see how you get on, if you gel with it you can always add Frouds after time.
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autumn star 

I love this deck so much I've only had it for a few weeks, but instantly I felt a connection to it and have been doing daily draws with it. I am still getting used to reading with it because I never had Faeries Oracle - but now I think I will have to order it.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for looking after the deck though? To me, the cards are a little papery and bendable, already I have given one card doggy ears (not sure what you would call it in other places when the corner of the card starts peeling - over here it has always been dog ears or something similar ears). Perhaps, I am a rough shuffler ... I have a deep red organza, drawstring bag which I am keeping them to keep them safe and all together
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Le Fanu 

Originally Posted by Guiding Cauldron
For now I'm on a journey of getting into the Heart first. After learning through that I will combine the two decks

My suggestion is that if you like the regal, deeper color of Heart then start with that and see how you get on, if you gel with it you can always add Frouds after time.
Interesting how you suggest concentrating on Heart of Fairy first; that's the one I find more appealing of the two to be honest!
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