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The Devil as feelings = just lust/sexual tension?

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Question The Devil as feelings = just lust/sexual tension?

My ex told me that he still got turned on by a photo he had of me (although it was just a headshot) and he told me how I looked hot and perfect in it. He admitted that he felt there was still a lot of unresolved sexual tension between us.

I did a reading on this and got the Devil card as his feelings for me.

Does the Devil card confirm this sexual tension between us? And does it indicate just physical attraction and lust or is there more depth to the Devil as feelings?
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As his feelings for you, the Devil may indicate sexual tension, but from him towards you, not mutual sexual tension. He may just be horny or he may be addicted to the sex you two had. For me the Devil would represent primal change the sheets when you're done sex before it would represent any deeper feelings. It's more likely a hit it and quit it situation though.

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I have definitely seen the Devil many times referring to such sexual and sensual tension, to the point of obsession. To the point where the chains can not be broken and sometimes have lasted for years or years after the relationship had ended. He is power. Many times I think readers underestimate him in terms of focusing on only getting away from his kingdom. But in fact, he may be used if the querent has good control over his/herself. This power may be productive, very beneficial. So, depending on the relationship, such power sometimes revives long-time marriages. Just an example. Or any other project/need that has been dragged for a long time and passion seems to be gone.
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For me it represents lust that feeling where you just can't get enough of each other but purely in a sexual way. No cup feelings just raw sexual energy.
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For me the Devil is simply tempation, usually being tempted by something that you know you should not be, like that piece of cake when you are dieting, or ex.

Given your question though and what you know of the situation yes that temptation is coming in the form of sexual attraction. Again that does not say either way what he feels emotionally, just that the tempation and a desire to act on it is there. That card is not saying more than that to me. But you can of course always pull another card and ask what he feels emotionally about you.

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He is addicted to you, but it is self imposed, sort of a purpose built obsession. This is where one puts the material/physical above all else. This can be fun in the short term, but it is always harmful in the long term as the game inevitability leads to a controlling of another, and has nothing to do with a healthy relationship in my mind.
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