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The Fish 
Join Date: 14 Dec 2009
Location: Europe
Posts: 511
Reversed moon

Last night I had a dream about myself and a friend. I emailed them to tell them about this dream and asked the cards, just out of interest, what my friend thought of the email I sent them about this dream. The dream was nothing sinister or romantic or dark, and yet I read so much about the reversed moon is really dark, which has shocked me.

The only things I can think of associated with this meaning of the reversed moon is that may be unconciously I have hit a raw nerve with what I have dreamt without knowing it. Other than that could it possibly just be symbolising that I had this dream (nothing of the content), that they think I am mad in some respect, or that I am lying because I have some alterior motive? Or in what way might this be a warning of danger?

I just thought this was an interesting card to pull as the first card to what at first seemed such an innocent and uninteresting event, both the dream and the message I sent about it.

What have others found with this card?

Thanks all for your input.

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."
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The Thirteenth Moon
Thirteen's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
Posts: 8,609

Originally Posted by The Fish
just out of interest, what my friend thought of the email I sent them about this dream.
It's always interesting to me when people pull cards to find out what people think about something that they've e-mailed them, rather than waiting--and accepting as valid--the person's response. Why pull a card rather than wait? Do you think your friend is going to lie to you? Is this a delicate subject?

But you gave into idle curiosity and did pull a card and, congratulations, now your'e worried and over thinking it. I'll give you more to worry about just for the hell of it and to teach you that sometimes it's better to just wait for a response rather than giving into idle curiosity: In sexual harassment classes, employees are taught to never say to another employee "I had a dream about you last night...." The reason is that no matter how innocent the dream, it can be taken as saying, "I'm having sexual feelings about you" ("I'm dreaming about you"). So--

(1) Worst case scenario, your friend is going to take this as some sexual message from you to them and be disturbed by it, especially if it was bad/weird dream. They will turn the friendship on its ear thanks to this misconception.
(2) Next worst, they're going to take it as some other message about how you feel or think about them, and see it as criticism.
(3) Last worst case, they're going to think, as many of us do when they hear another's dream, that said dream is scary/mad/disturbing/weird. And it might well be that you did hit a nerve or pushed a red-button--it brings to mind something very sensitive that you don't know about them. Maybe it makes them see you as dangerous or weird, or maybe they just hate snake dreams and hate anyone who tells them about such a dream. You've given them a disturbing image and they're stuck with it in their head, and they're not going to forgive you for that.

No matter what it is, the fact that you got the Moon rx for how this person will feel suggests that you should think twice before sharing any more dreams.
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The Fish 
Join Date: 14 Dec 2009
Location: Europe
Posts: 511

I was waiting for someone to comment on my action in this way, so ignored that part of your message as I come here to learn more about tarot meanings not have my actions critisied...I was asking what people felt about the meaning of this card, not what they thought about the question I asked or of what I have done here, thanks.

May be I should have also put that we have shared the fact that we have had dreams about each other before, on more than one occassion, so you haven't creeped me out anymore at all, but i didn't think I had to explain the whole senario to gain some other's input into the meaning of this card as far as they were concerned.

1) lol, well that wouldn't have been the first time, but is that meaning based on the moon card?
2) Yes, they could see it as a criticism, not that the dream was at all eventful really, in fact it was more criticising of me than them, again is this based on the moon card?
3) They've never had a problem with dreams being shared with me before, though, I could have hit a raw nerve, may be they are angry with me as they were in the dream, and I don't really have a problem with people having dreams about me, people tell me all the time about dreams they've had about me, doesn't bother me at all, it's natural.

Thanks, anyone else have any insight into the meaning of the moon reversed?

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."
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Bending Clouds
Milfoil's Avatar
Join Date: 01 Mar 2005
Location: In the Greenwood
Posts: 13,987

The Moon reversed sees the Moon under your feet and animals standing on their heads . . . sounds like a wacky dream to me. I think your friend probably thinks "yeah, its a dream . . your dream . . so what?" I doubt it means much to them and perhaps they are wondering why you shared it.

Just a thought.
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Old 05-04-2010     Top   #4
Join Date: 05 May 2009
Location: Here
Posts: 5,035

Another meaning I've seen for moon rvs is:Improved conditions are indicated,revelations of truth,clarity yields positive action,adjustments are made and there is calm and restoration of balance,Love and truth are stronger than confusion and deception.A deepened understanding of metaphysical powers,laws and principles are utilized to your advantage. For such a lousy looking card (and I don't read rvs) it's sure looking good from where I'm sitting.

~As the bee collects nectar and departs without injuring the flower,so should a man behave in his village.~ Dhammapada
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The Fish 
Join Date: 14 Dec 2009
Location: Europe
Posts: 511

Thanks Fostha, I have seen these more positive meanings in books, and wondered if anyone else thought the same. Thank you for your input, that's very interesting and I will see how it fits in with past readings where the moon reversed came up.

Milfoil, so you believe that the moon reversed can mean, as the upright, confusion (not on a grand scale in this case)-sometimes I do wonder sometimes if there is much difference in the upright and reversed meanings.

Many thanks guys.

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."
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Old 05-04-2010     Top   #6
Join Date: 10 Oct 2009
Location: Canada
Posts: 3,107

I don't see the Moon as a negative card in general, so either upright or reversed I always take it as something whih doesn't show all the truth, something with a shadow, a path that must be walked without a compas - the unknown which can be very exciting too. It can also be beneficial if one listens to one's intuition. The Moon doesn't like rational thinkers. But I would also take the reversals as a bit more clear, may be things or two revealed, althought the rest will remain the same.
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Old 05-04-2010     Top   #7
Intolerance intolerant
starrystarrynight's Avatar
Join Date: 13 Feb 2006
Location: The Quiet Corner...Connecticut USA
Posts: 19,370

Reversed, I think the Moon brings things out into the light from the, the dream may clarify things about you in this person's mind a little. Where and s/he might have thought you were a little "out there" a lot of the time, s/he may see you in a different light now and may see better where you are coming from.

I never bend, fold, or mutilate. Unless I'm in a hurry.
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The Fish 
Join Date: 14 Dec 2009
Location: Europe
Posts: 511

Hi Ronia
I don't see the moon as a negative card either, in fact it is one of my favourite cards, however, I think it was just because it turned up reversed that it threw me. May be I should trust my own intuition more, lol, and trust my own judgment.
Thank you

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."
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The Fish 
Join Date: 14 Dec 2009
Location: Europe
Posts: 511

it's so lovely to see more of these positive, instead of menacing, meanings of the moon rx. That would make sense, as I am a bit spaced out quite a bit of the time (I like to think I have things on my mind, lol, well that's the story I am sticking to).

Wow, I am sitting here reflecting on this and what I thought the dream was about has now changed in my mind...I thought it was simply recalling an event in a different way, but actually I think it has highlighted the difference between us-we are both rational but in completely different ways, and actually this dream showed them as being far more emotional than I had first thought of them, I always thought that I was the emotional one - Cheers, starry, I am seeing things more clearly now-wow, you've made me love the moon rx, as well as the moon upright-cool.

Thank you

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."
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