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moon reversed question

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moon reversed question

hey everyon
i was wondering wot everyones take of the moon reversed appearing when refering to questions of a romantic intrest
one of the cards i got was the moon reversed then sun across from it
iam not so sure bout moon reversed its a first time with it getting it revered can anyone give me there take on wot it could be saying surley it does not mean a somesort of mentle breakdown lol
wot does this card mean to you ?
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It could mean that the persons mind will change or that they will get over their original problem. The sun following would suggest it even more so.
A Change of mind and happier for it.
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Le Fanu 

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I draw the Moon reversed last night when doing a relationship reading for a friend (in an "inner desires" position). The general gist of the spread was his work keeping him fixed while he has a partner who lives in another country. He wanted to see how the relationship would pan out.

I was using reversed cards for the first time when reading for another person and I was amazed at the slant that reversed cards gave to the reading.

I interpreted it as wanting to go "lunatic" and yet feeling oneself tied. All those qualities of the Moon; madness, imbalance, lunacy, wildness, the inner desires yet feeling unable to really let oneself "go mad". It fit perfectly. He was feeling the urge to throw caution to the wind and abandon the life he had constructed for himself here.
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Hi Lilly23,

I agree with re-pete-a.

The moon Rx would be interpreted based on the whole spread. Some say that it would worsen or block the qualities of the moon, i.e. confusion, not everything is known, delusions, mania,etc. and others would say that it lessens the negative: confusion lifts, beginning of clarity, things come out of their hiding.

I can't say with 100% certainty without knowing the entire reading, but if the sun followed the moon Rx, then I would be generally inclined to read it as "things coming to light", secrets revealed, etc.

Relating to romance, It would suggest that your friend would no longer be under the illusion of "love" for lack of a better term. Sometimes when you're in love it clouds your better judgement and you catch yourself saying later, "What was I thinking?"
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I have seen the reversed Moon Tarot card come up in relationship readings quite a bit, especially where it is a new relationship. I typically interpret it as the client not knowing everything about the other person, and that there may be certain unknown details that, if they were known, might change the person's perspective of their partner. I'd definitely be watching out for hidden agendas and shady deals. Don't take things on face value.
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Join Date: 21 Nov 2009
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thank you everyone for replying to my post its really helpfull
so i guess with what everyone says on this card it could indicate being able to see one clearly yes its true when your in love it does cloud your judgement so it would mean really seeing things as they are and also i do think that could be someone with shaddy intentions also and nt to be taken at face value so could mean seeing it and with the sun being happy bout not being clouded and being able to see one as one is
i think i might do another reading on this and post it
thanks for you help x
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