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Must haves oracle decks

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Must haves oracle decks

I remember seeing an old thread like this a while back...
Figured we should start a new one

So what oracle decks you consider is a must haves?

I can't leave home without a Lenormand deck in my purse all the time.(please dont ask me to pick one)
Other Must haves for me right now
Medicine Cards
Deck of Shadows
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Dusk Till Dawn 

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Great Thread!
-Transparent Oracle
-Graven Images
-Luman Deck,
second the Deck of shadows
-Melissa Lenormand
-Way of the Horse
-Heart of Faerie
-Faerie Oracle
I might add some later
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Permanent Resident of Halloween Town

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I have more favorite oracles but these are my must have:

Good Witch Bad Witch
I Misteri della Sibilla
Mystisches Kipper
Tarot d'Eltynne
Mystical Lenormand
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Miss Divine 

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A lenormand is the top must have for me! Yeah I always carry one in my purse too.

Ofcourse there are other favorites, but they get used alot less.
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It depends for what purpose:

For fortune-telling, nothing beats Lenormand, in my view.

For magickal, spiritual and personal growth work: the Transparent Oracle; the Druid Animal and Druid Plant oracles; the Celtic Shaman oracle; The Book of Doors.

For consolation and inspiration: Angel Blessings.

For a totally different perspective: Froud's Faeries, Transparent Oracle.
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My must-have oracles are Madame Endora and Fairy Ring.
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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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My first must have is the Madame Endora. She never fails me and I am 100% devoted to her. Then a trusty Lenormand. These are for pure divination.

Spirit of the Wheel, Dragonfae, Froud's Faeries and the Oracle of Shadows and Light are the next grouping.

Even though the Fairy Ring Oracle is not my favourite in artwork, it belongs up there, too. It allows me to tap into the fey when they are being very active or temperamental!

Druid Animals and Druid Plants for magickal work and spells.

Celtic Shaman and Shaman's Oracle for journeying.

Storycards for delving into creativity and imaginative writing.
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Fugitive from the law of averages

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A Lenormand that speaks to you
Froud's Faeries
Spirit of the Wheel
Bests of Albion
Hugin & Munin
Haindl Rune Oracle
Oracle of Initiation

These are the ones I absolutely couldn't do without.

My Transparent Oracle won't be released into my hands until my birthday, and I strongly suspect I will then have to revisit this thread to add it

Runners up are:
Bran & Sceolan
Celtic Messages
Anubis Oracle
Well Worn Path/Hidden Path
Carte della Strega
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stella hoshiko 

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Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
Enchanted Oracle
I-Ching Oracle

So far, these are the most convenient types for me which I work on every now and then.
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I also love the Lenormand decks.
and, then naturally a deck of playing cards! people often over look this little treasure.

my fave oracle deck though above all that works great for me is the Tea leaf Oracle by Rae Hepburn. of course they are now out of print, and therefore command a hefty price---way over $100.00. but, if you happen to find one under $100.00 GRAB IT! you'll be glad you did!

I also have the Madame Endora and Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud. both do give good readings, but I also find them difficult to read by. I rarely use them, as I have to use the book that comes with them to do so, and have a harder time with that. I prefer being able to read a deck by looking at the card and telling how it makes me feel. but, they are both good oracles to have on hand.

I have many other oracles that I love & I am sure I'm forgetting, but some of my faves are the Lenormand, the Tea Leaf (not easy to travel with tho, too many cards) and a regular deck of playing cards.
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