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Archeon Tarot XVII The Star

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Archeon Tarot XVII The Star

"Remember that happiness is a way of travel - not a destination." - Roy M. Goodman

The star serves as a reminder that we must always reach for the things we want, even if they seem to far beyond our grasp. Her light acts as a guide to many, and those who set their sights on her often find their destination was easier to reach than anticipated.

Do not be dismayed if your star should fall from the sky. The heavens are vast and there will always be a light to guide you. Make your wish and choose a new course.

The star may point to improved sex life, new lover, reclaimed libido and getting in touch with our bodies. Notice the female form on this card. The star reminds us that feeling good about ourselves isn't so hard. The star represents good things about our body. Perhaps even a pregnancy. The star is a reminder that true happiness comes only from within ourselves and no where else.

Notice the full moon, 7 stars and constellation all pictured on this card.

represents: hope, optimism, help, faith, harmony, happiness.

inverted represents: missed opportunities, negative thoughts, unfulfilled hopes, disappointment.
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I see this card as being consistent with the metaphysical reading of the star. She has looked at in wonder at the vastness of the universe and is becoming only too aware of man's place in it. We are simultaneously significant and insignificant, powerful and impotent.
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The star as a babe...
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The Northern Wind 

The woman looks wet, as though she has bathed and now feels refreshed. The water has cleared her vision. She now sees a different world. There has been a change in her life and she recognizes it as an opportunity to go in a new direction, a direction which would grant her happiness and fulfillment.

If the card is reversed there is also a change in her life, but she doesn't see the change as a beginning, but an end which she cannot accept. This leads her to despair.
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the woman is presented with a half body, and all the background is blue, quite darker with black, i know the sky is blue, but our solar system is black indeed. that's so deep and massive
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