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Pixie's Hidden Lenormand....

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Pixie's Hidden Lenormand....

The hour was late. The moon, full and bright shone down on the forests and fields surrounding the house. Inside three friends sat in a ring of candle light, their hands lightly placed upon the planchette. Smoke from the incense curls around them as through the windows comes the faint sparks of the June fireflies. One of the friends calls out to the room; “Tonight we call upon Pamela Coleman Smith. Are you there Pamela?” There is silence. Nothing happens. The call is made again; “We are looking to speak with Pamela Coleman Smith… Pixie?” With the last sound the planchette tingled a little and shot off to say HELLO.
“Pixie, is that you?”
“We want you to know that we all love the art you did on the tarot”
“We wish that you had done more decks”
“There is?”
“What? Where?”
“How can we find it Pixie?”
“When? How?”
“How many cards are we looking for?”
The planchette stopped moving.
“Who’s hungry for a pizza?”

Talk goes on for the next hour or so as the night flows to its zenith. Talk of how Pixie spoke though her art and the message of the changing seasons are all they can think of as they scarf down the tomato basil pizza. Earlier that night they had been playing with all manor of fortune telling cards, tarot, lenormand, mexican bingo cards and now it was time to pick things up. As they were putting cards back into deck piles and decks back into bags a cry came out “OMG! These cards weren’t there before.” It was true after all the cards were put in to piles there were four cards left. Four cards that did not have a deck. Four cards that were of Pixie’s artwork were found out of the mound of cards they had been playing with. They looked at each other. These were the cards they found….
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ok...that is pretty freakin' awesome.
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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I am screaming ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
The Horseman
The Ship
The Fish
The Letter

I am soooooooo excited
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee
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Holy cow! Are these images hidden in her deck somewhere? Will I have to grab my magnifying glass to find them?

I think this is fantastic!
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Oh you clever person!
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Oh! Brilliant!

Do more!
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BEEP………. BEEP…...BEEP……… The text message tone on the cell phone went off three times in a row. Sleepily one of the trio from the night before rolled over and picked up the phone off the night stand and flipped it open. 3 NEW TXT MESSAGES the little screen announced. He glanced over at the clock… 9:10… gosh it HAD been a long night for him to sleep this late. All were from the same person. “Call me when you get up!”, said the first message. “You there dahling?”, went the second. “Heeeelllllooooooo?? You ok?” said the third. My she HAD been wanting to talk to him. Must have been something about those strange new cards they found last night. He sent a text “What’s up Princess?” Almost at once the response came back. DOWNLOADING MULIT-MEDIA MESSAGE…. The phone announced… He hated these. That meant that it was a picture and his phone just was so slow some times. It most likely was a shot from the room last night or of them all hanging out. He loved those shots. Instead of waiting for the full image to load he closed his phone and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

On the table in the kitchen was his bag from last night. The tea kettle was on and warming as he pulled out the stack of tarot and Lenormand decks they had used that last evening. Lenormand… it was The Princess’s thing. She had been the one using it since she was 12 and was now teaching him and “The 93” how to use them. It was fun. While tarot was both of there first love this 200 year old system was fast becoming a second fave. Simple and to the point, and those darn little decks were so cute and inexpensive to collect. He opened the box labeled Blue Owl and pulled out the three new little cards that had appeared the night before. The ones with Pixie’s artwork on them. The rest of the cards fell out with them and made a mosaic of color on the table. The Rider #1 was right on top. Of course The 93 would have put them back in order….once an ADD Tarot collector always one. He looked back at the Pixie card of the man on the horse holding the caduceus. Then back at the card on the table, with it’s 19th century art of a man on a horse. Then he pulled out of his bag the copy of Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle by Steinbach that he had been lugging around with him. He had a hunch. Page 7- The Horseman he read. Scanning down the page he looked at the astrological correspondences:

Aquarius-air element

Looking back at the card it made perfect sense now. The caduceus was a sign of Mercury and there in the back ground where birds for air!!! Pixie had sent them four cards from a Lenormand deck!!! He dashed back to he bedroom to pick up the phone. Opening it up he franticly texted back I KNOW WHAT IT IS. ITS A LENORMAND DECK! After pressing send he remembered the new next. As he opened the message he sat back down on the bed staring at the phone not even bothering to notice the tea kettle singing in the kitchen. It said “These were with my cards this morning!” and this is what the picture was of:
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Omg omg you made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sun
The Star
The stork
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