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Dover "Art of the Tarot" with 10 different decks

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Dover "Art of the Tarot" with 10 different decks

Please start or read another tarot-related thread if you are wondering about using these images in your art or personal usage--I'm really just starting this thread on this book by Dover with the different decks. I had been waiting on this until it's due...according to Dover Publications, it's ready...according to Amazon, it will ship around the 9th.

I believe the cover shows

1. Di Gumppenberg /Neoclassical 1811 (Vito Arienti's Il Solleone or Il Meneghello) / (Ancient Tarots of Lombardy - (LS)

2. Di Gumppenberg /Della Rocca Soprafino 1835/1845 ( Vito Arienti's Il Solleone or Il Meneghello)/( Classical Tarot (LS)


2. Armani Brothers Sessiaville 1880 / Ancient Italian Tarots (LS)

3. Various publishers (Il Meneghello/U.S. Games/Graphica di Gutenberg, etc.)
Pierpont Morgan Visconti / Visconti Gold (LS)

I do not know the others yet. The first name I am putting on the decks is from what I found in the labelling of the historical reproductions, historical auction catalogs or Kaplan's Encyclopedia terms

Dover sometimes will give sneak peeks once the book is published...not quite yet.

Happy Hunting!

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Le Fanu 

Oh Cerulean! I cannot believe this. I saw the beginning of the title of your thread and thought it was about the Dover Art of Playing Cards book which I have and love. And now this! I love Dover books and this one is a dream come true!

Thank you so much for the heads up. Who knows when I might have stumbled across this book!

Most definitely need and I shall most definitely use for - as people say here - "craft projects"

ETA; Just checked at this end; it is released in Europe, January 21st.

*blissful visions of all the beautifully collaged tarot boxes I shall now be able to make*
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Le Fanu 

Originally Posted by Cerulean
I do not know the others yet.
Well, the RWS is on the cover so surely that will be there. Are US Games going to make it copyright free? All Dover book resources are copyright free.

They probably won't include whole decks. It will be maybe 10 from each deck, I suspect.
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NO: (my bold)

This one-of-a-kind clip art compilation features more then 790 of the most dramatic, playful, and colorful Tarot cards of the past five centuries. It contains all of the cards from ten different decks, plus the Major Arcana from the Tarocco Italiano. Collectors, Tarot enthusiasts, and designers will rejoice in these beautiful, seldom-seen images.
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*eyes my Modge Podge lustily*

YES! Preordered! Thanks for the heads up!
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I have always loved Dover Publications, but they just jumped to the top of my list of Gratefulness.
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Dear me. I scrolled down the page and now I want *all* of the Dover CD ROM/books.
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Le Fanu 

I have many Dover publications on my bookshelves; scrolls, borders, 18th Century calligraphy tracts, 19th century Encyclopaedia illustrations, Architecture engravings, Anatomy, 18th century Erotic engravings, all manner of things.

I do good quality photocopies and soak them in tea and line boxes with them. This tarot one is the answer to all my prayers. And it comes with a CD Rom! Guess what kind of birthday and Christmas cards everyone's gonna get next year? Hand made with love, collaged with affection

Happy Christmas! Here's a festive Tower...
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What a wonderful resource! Thanks for that C...

Many's the time I've wished I could find high quality monochrome scans of historic decks.
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Laura Borealis 

Wish listed... thank you for the heads-up!
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