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My Cross of Advice spread

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My Cross of Advice spread

For those questions where you need a little advice on how to proceed I use this modified (by me) cross spread:




Card 2 is placed horizontally across the first card to form a mini-cross.

1. Situation / you now
2. What's blocking you
Cards 1 and 2 together give the dynamics of the situation or the problem you're facing.
3. The basis of the problem / what's causing it
4. Focus on
5. Leave behind / don't do
6. Advice for the future / actions you can take.
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Cool. I'm going to try it out right now.
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Nice spread. It looks like a chopped version of the celtic cross. But it's very effective.
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Have just tried this - great spread had a really great reading from it! thanks for posting!
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I've just tried this, and temporarily posted it along with a daily draw. It was my first real reading in a while, and it worked well for me. Thank you.
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Quite good

I just tried this and its been very helpful. I can't believe how its pictorially described a current issue that's bothering me . So exact. Thanks Sulis, its in my journal now!
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Saker  Saker is offline
Join Date: 28 Oct 2010
Location: Idaho, USA
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I just did this spread and it was right on. It's in my journal and will be using it often, I think. It's a good, basic spread for many of life's situations. Thanks!
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