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joya250's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Aug 2001
Location: Maine
Posts: 1,139
Looking for a spread, re: choices

hi everyone. I am trying to find a spread that deals with making a decision. I remember seeing one way back when (before The Crash) that depicted two paths... the spread was split... showing what would happen if you took one path, and then the other. I will prob. end up making one up, but I know there are several out there that exist. Any input would be helpful.

thanks! (btw, my question would be concerning going back to school part-time, or not... to learn stuff I could probably teach myself... though I might learn better in a class-setting. relates to current career. .... just thought I'd throw that out there to see if anyone had a REALLY specific spread that you think might be good to use for this particular question.) okay, thanks again!
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DeLani's Avatar
Join Date: 10 Dec 2001
Location: Northwest Arkansas
Posts: 848

One good spread for either/or decisions is the Golden Dawn Spread. It uses 15 cards:

13 9 5 ---- 4 8 12
_____ 2 1 3
14 10 6 ---- 7 11 15

#1. The querent, nature of the problem
# 2 & 3. also key cards describing the nature of the situation.
#13, 9, 5. describes the left hand path; if an alternate course is taken, etc.
#4, 8, 12. The direction you are going.
#6, 10, 14. Psychological basis of the question. This can assist you in making your decision.
#7, 11, 15. Karmic forces beyond your control.

Now, for more than one option, you can use this method:
After meditating on your question and shuffling the cards, cut the deck into as many piles as options. Designate a Major or Court card to represent what you want (best outcome). Go through the piles to find which pile it is in. That option will probably be the best. Then shuffle that pile only and lay out 5 cards:
1. The question/problem/issue.
2. The background.
3. The querent.
4. The environment.
5. The outcome or advice.
Hope that helps!
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Mojo's Avatar
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: Atlanta, GA USA Earth Milky Way
Posts: 632

Joya, this may be the one you're looking for. I posted this last summer.

This spread is specifically for people who are trying to make a decision between two choices. I suppose this could be used to choose between more than 2 by just adding some additional paths to it, but since the choices usually come down to following your head or following your heart, so this one handles that nicely.


1. This card represents the querent in regards to the question - this is the root or driving motivation

2. This card represents something the querent knows or something they can see about this situation

3. This is something the querent DOESN'T see, but needs to know

4-5-6 This represents one choice... I usually assume this to be following one's head.

7-8-9 This represents the other choice. I usually define this as following one's heart

4 & 7. This is something the querent needs to do to make this work

5 & 8. This is something that needs to be done on the querent's behalf by someone else in order for this to work

6 & 9. This is the expected outcome of this choice

I feel more like I do now than when I got here.
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joya250's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Aug 2001
Location: Maine
Posts: 1,139

Mojo! yes, that was exactly the spread I was thinking of. thank you for re-posting it. And, thank you DeLani and Diana... those spreads look great too. !!!!!
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Join Date: 19 Dec 2014
Location: Uk
Posts: 1,768

Have you tried the russian cards or the gypsy witch cards are good too especially with timing
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Sharla's Avatar
Join Date: 12 Apr 2012
Location: England
Posts: 6,946

Originally Posted by Aries2014 View Post
Have you tried the russian cards or the gypsy witch cards are good too especially with timing
How do the Russian gypsy cards work with timing, u know each picture has a specific timing I.e middle = one to several months. But what about if you do a reading for the month, how would that work ?
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