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Little Baron 
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 9,963
9 of Swords

I always see the 9 of Swords as a troubled card; it is one of the darker in the Rider Waite.

With this in mind, how do people view the quite (or very) cheerful bedspread? Also, any insights on the engraved picture on the bed?

Best wishes

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Little Baron 
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 9,963

With reference to the above, it is the Universal Waite depiction I am referring to.

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HudsonGray's Avatar
Join Date: 26 Apr 2002
Location: I childproofed my house but they still get in.
Posts: 5,160

It looks like roses & the signs of the zodiac plus a crescent moon.

Sort of cheery, like life cycles on, regardless of the stressed out way people get.

This was it, right?

The image of the two people in the carving is too vague to make out all the details, is that a woman on the left laying down & some knight or man dramatically approaching her? Can't tell if it's a good thing or bad thing goingto happen.

You can give a cat a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Or you can teach a cat to fish, and he'll sit in his boat pouting all day because nobody gave him another fish.
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Ruby Red Slippers 
Ruby Red Slippers's Avatar
Join Date: 20 Feb 2003
Location: On the Magic Carpet
Posts: 913
9 of Swords


That was one of my picks for a daily read today.

I read it as my time of "mind/thoughts" driving me crazy was near an end......A Good Card.

Robin Wood has a thing where she says if your eye is attracted to one of the astro glyphs, it can tell you something about the person. Such as, cancers can't let go or mercury - may have a communication problem.

I also think of this card along with the moon energy as a help rather than a hinderance. Often our night fears are dispelled with the light of day.

I like the 9's - it's one of my fav #'s!

Ruby Red Slippers

Magic is everywhere, all you have to do is open your eyes to see it...
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spoonbender's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Jan 2003
Location: Belgium
Posts: 1,041

Rachel Pollack notes that because the Swords do not stick in her back, this can be something happening to someone we love, not directly to us... she says love fills this card and gives it meaning, explaining the red roses of passion...

this is what Robin Wood says about the signs: "The universe is really working to help her learn and grow, as it is for all of us. The crescent moon is a reminder that the Lady is taking care of this, too, and has not deserted us, no matter how we may feel at the moment."

I have no idea what the carving means! the person on the right seems to be knight, but I think he's holding a sword, like he wants to slash the other person... brr I think I'm looking to long at the carving, now the tree on the left looks like a skull!

this card always seemed a little strange to me--the person sitting it bed sits so weird, don't you think? it's like she has no legs, she sits so straight! but maybe that's just me...

hope this helped,

Hyperbole is the BEST thing ever!!

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silverwitchi's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Jul 2003
Location: North Carolina
Posts: 23
Wink 9 of Swords

Hi I'm pretty new to the forum I hope it is okay if I join this
study group.
In reference to the 9 of sword. I don't see the swords as a dark
negative card. I see it as what we experience,and are subjected to when we take off the blindfold of the 8 of swords.
The blindfold that keeps us isolated from life, our emotions
and our experiences. We are weeping over what was or what may be,or will be. Crying overwhat has been or might be isn't
the answer it's only a way we segregate ourselves from what
we understandings our knowledge and from others. We should
join together what we know as action and move away and start
to prepare a new beginning.

Life is like a mirror. If you frown at it, it frowns back. If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.

- Herbert Samuels
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Old 28-07-2003     Top   #6
divinerguy's Avatar
Join Date: 13 Oct 2001
Location: Moved from So Cal, now an Arkie.
Posts: 1,141

To me, the carving suggests someone being vanquished, or overcome by an aggressor.

Life is a journey. Enjoy the trip.
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Baby Owl 
Join Date: 31 May 2003
Location: nowhere, man
Posts: 404

Now that I look at it, the pattern of the swords over the person's head seems similiar to the pattern on the bedspread. Both involve straight rows, horizontal lines, like a plowed field.

The swords are rows of sharpness and discomfort; the rows on the spread contain images of growth or rebirth (flowers) and the cycles of life (zodiac signs).

The swords are above the person (in his mind) whereas the blanket actually touches him, offering real comfort. I have an image in my mind of the person lying down and pulling the beautiful spread over him, at which point the swords will disappear.

Just my ramblings...

Baby Owl
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Chronata's Avatar
Join Date: 03 Jun 2003
Location: A State of Grace...and Cheese
Posts: 9,394

check out my story about this card in the favorite card thread...

A very wise young person explained these symbols to me better than anyone!
I havebeen using her story/explaination ever since.

Out Of Body...Back in 5 Minutes
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sagitarian's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Dec 2002
Location: Indiana
Posts: 1,215
mental anguish

First of all I would like to say this, lessons that we learn intellectually, and psychologically, are usually the most lasting and sometimes the most painful lessons. They wear us out, cause tears to flow, and we begin to feel vulnerable emotionally. Nothing on the outside of us changes, not our appearance, who or how we are. The only limitation we have is the limitation of what our bodies can't do, the mind however, is limitless. There are no boundaries, and it's impossible for it to be "filled" and also impossible for us to "dump" out the "trash". After a long period of time, the least little things effect us b/c we have very few (and very difficult) ways of getting rid of our trash. Changing is one of them, but this takes a lot of effort, and most of the time, a lot of time. We are in an era where everyone wants instant gratification. When this card comes up, I read it as, right now, you are disasisfied with life. You feel overwhelmed with your emotions, and those intense emotions are an after effect of what you've been going through as of late. Often even keeping you awake at night, as you feel you need to "clear out some space" but in your mind, which isn't as easy to do as tiddying up your house. My advice with this card is "find a way to vent out the emotions of the stress you are under, wether it be journaling, painting, talking, or just being able to find some time for yourself to wind down and truly relax. This can be done by taking a hot bath, reading a good book, or even maybe going with a friend to a movie. What helps me is, getting myself entertained with something else. Seeing a movie, or reading a book usually works pretty good.".

Also, sometimes this cards means you are over dramatizing something in your life, making your own reality worse then what it truly is. Perhaps someone found a letter addressed to their husband by another female, stating in the end, I love you very much. This could strike jealousy feelings and what not, and in the end, this could'a been a very old letter from an aunt or another part of the family, perhaps they passed away so he's held on to it for sentimental value, who knows? (I actually have had this card come up in a similar situation, believe it or not, where a wife thought her husband to be cheating on her by something she found, and it turned out to be relating to the family).

Just my two sense worth, hope it helps adding more ideas to this thread!

Love will conquer all
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