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mystic Guy 
Join Date: 02 Apr 2009
Location: Sligo Ireland
Posts: 95
How do the cards work?

Hi Guy's

What do you guys think is at work ,why do they work?.

I learned about Lenormand about two years ago on the Net
I came across (by luck) Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards ,and
they are loosely based on Lenormand ,Do you know them? ,if you don't
you won't really get what I mean.
You use the whole 52 card deck ,but it works differently then the full
layout spread with the 36 card Lenormand deck that we all use on
this forum.
You don't travel in multiple straight lines from the Man/Woman Card
instead you travel round like a snake letting the cards tell a story
as you go (on every card is a written message and number)
e.g on the card (13 The Snake) it says "The Snake indicates enmity and calamities
the degree of which is governed by the distance of the card from the person".

When I laid the cards down using the instructions in the booklet
it was all Mumbo Jumbo but I still wrote down and recorded the cards.
From "that deck" I wanted to find out about this Madame Lenormand
So I bought the Sylvie book online and learned Lenormand proper.

Knowing the full layout spread (36 card deck) I took that knowlagde
back to that Mumbo Jumbo deck (that I wrote and recorded) and instead of going
round like the booklet instructed me I went in multiple straight lines,
It was Spine Chilling , it took a perfect snapshot of EVERY area of
my life , all at the left of the person was the passed ect ect.
It was ignoring the instructions I thought I was going by and telling me
a spread I woudn't learn for another year and a half, do you get what I'm saying?

Whats going on, did the first deck know I was going to learn the Sylvie Book
and Lenormand proper?. did the first deck know I would come back
two years later to that first spread? .Spooky or what.

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214red's Avatar
Join Date: 05 Apr 2008
Location: London, uk
Posts: 9,358

i think your assuming that your cards are the most important thing here, really its about your beliefs. say your life is like a lenormand spread, then a 'higher' power would know that your going to try various things, and in the end come back to this as a dfferent time and a different method, they see the whole picture when we see only a fraction.

I brought lenormand as a fad, it was cheap and it looked pretty, i was looking for more tarot decks. I couldnt read with it but kept it, now after a year or so i started looking into symbols and started with the lenormand again and it all works.
same happened with my crystal ball and pendulum, pretty but didnt use them for 2-3 years until the time was right, and now am on a steep learning curve...divine timing:-)

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." Martin Luther King

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Join Date: 10 Oct 2009
Location: Canada
Posts: 3,107

Yes, I know the Gypsy cards. All cards work. How - I don't know. But they do. I have spreads done years ago and I know they knew what was coming. Even now, when we're practising the Gt and share resutls, I see the cards clearly showing future events and the events did play exactly that way. It's a bit scary because it's certainly confronting the free will idea to e certain extend but... To me it's a fact. Though I still believe we can manage to change things for the better using our own power.
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mamawhodun's Avatar
Join Date: 19 Mar 2011
Location: Upstate New York, USA
Posts: 42

Originally Posted by mystic Guy View Post
Hi Guy's

What do you guys think is at work ,why do they work?.


Whats going on, did the first deck know I was going to learn the Sylvie Book
and Lenormand proper?. did the first deck know I would come back
two years later to that first spread? .Spooky or what.
Hey Mystic Guy;

There are different theories on the how and the why. I don't like theory but favor application, so I direct you to the approach of Enrique Enriquez who says that: Tarot is an "optical language" (position and gesture) and that lenormand cards work by their symbols."

It is the simplicity of the symbol on the card face that interfaces directly with the psychic levels. Symbols are pictures and pictures are the true universal language, the language of our inner self and dreams.

I say that the Lenormand oracle cards BYPASS the time bound cognitive process of the rational mind to stir up the contents of the subconscious which are not bound in time and give a bi-directional, multidimensional and panoramic view.

Mama Whodun
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