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Spreads #2: Simple Horseshoe Spread

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Spreads #2: Simple Horseshoe Spread

Okay. We're now going to double the number of cards in our spread. This is a good one to move into after the 3-card spread as it uses the 3-card spread in its first trio of cards.

Once again, this will work best if you have a "querent." In this case, use either another "faux" querent--someone you know but don't know well--or, if you can get willing subjects, nab a real person to be your querent for the day. Remind them that you're still learning and you may make mistakes.

For this spread, the person shuffling the cards (or who you're shuffling the cards for) need not ask or think of any question. Card #4, the "pinnacle" of the arch, should tell you, the reader, an issue is in the querent's mind, one that has them troubled or just pre-occupied. Or, put it another way, in this spread, the card decide what you and the querent are going to talk about.

Because of this, this spread works best if you lay it all out before reading. Don't do it one card at a time. Examine #4 first, and then see what that tells you about the other cards. They all relate to #4. So, if #4 seems to be about money, then the other cards, even if they're mostly cups or wands, are relating to this money issue (for example, cups might imply a bad emotional state over the lack of funds, wands might imply trying to come up with new ideas on how to manage finances).

There are 7 cards total, and they are in a simple horseshoe or arch shape. Start to the left with card #1. Move up and slightly "in" with #2, farther up and slightly in with #3, arcing in to the top with #4, the highest card, the pinnacle. Now back down and slightly out with #5 (opposite #3), down more and out more with #6 (opposite #2), end with #7 (opposite #1).

The meanings are:
#1: Past (either immediate or sometime back)
#2: Present
#3: Near future (within 30 days)
#4: Querent's card (this card indicates something on the querent's mind, an issue, problem, question)
#5: Related person & their attitude (this card stands for someone involved with the querent especially in regards to this issue, or something on the mind of a person deeply involved with this issue--so, for example, if you got the High Priestess, you might say, "There's a knowledgable woman involved here," or, if you got the 7 of Pentacles, and knew that your female querent was married and this issue migh involve her spouse, you might say, "Your husband thinks you should wait till you've got more money before doing this.")
#6: Obstacle (if a very favorable card, could indicate that there is no obstacle)
#7: Outcome: Should take all other cards into account. How will this situation likely to turn out given past, present, near future events, how people see it, and whatever is in the way?

Go forth and practice!
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I have a problem reading for people, that havenīt actually asked for one, so who am I to pick out this time ????
Could someone please volounteer for this HorseShoe, so I can do it ?

I feel very strong about this issue.
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You can read for me if you like, Bec

(And I don't mind if you read for me another time when you haven't specifically asked, if that helps.)

If you want any more info you can ask here or by email

All the best,

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