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The death as how a person sees you

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The death as how a person sees you

Hello people!

So, I asked the cards how someone sees me and I got the death card. The first thought that came to me was "this person thinks I've changed" but then I thought "how can this be? This person hasn't known me long enough to say I've changed. This can't be it"

After that, I found out that it's very hard for me to see the death as a personality/person. I figured it could mean "This person sees you as threatening" or "this person sees you as numb or apathic" or "this person sees you as evil (because in the card the death is smiling because it is going to kill the bishop, the woman and the child even though they are begging it not to kill them)". Then, I thought "Death is also scorpio, which could mean that this person sees me as a scorpio" which would make sense because I am a scorpio.

So, what is your take on this one? What do you think the death card means when it is in the "how she/he sees you" position?
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Well, first thing that comes to my mind is the person thinks you're in need of a change (as opposed to thinking you've changed). They could also see you as resisting change.
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Or they can see you that you need to let go of stuff. Or simply that you're pretty much "lifeless".
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Do you work a lot?
I could see them thinking, you work yourself to death.
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Bony (A dog's dinner; dry as a bone; bone idle; like a dog with a bone)

Contentious (a bone of contention)

Looks like death.

Funny (funny bone).

In the closet (has a skeleton in the closet).

An embarrassing secret (ditto, skeleton in the closet)

Lost weight.


A swinger.

Nameless (what do you think of X? Who?).

Unlucky (for some).

Superlative (e.g., loves you to death, etc.,)

Melodramatic, hyperbolic (ditto, death as an idiomatic superlative, id est, everything is either the best or the worst).

You turn them on (give the dog a bone).
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This person could see you as "the death of her/him," that being around you would change things irrevocably and in a way that is unwelcome.
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Cool Goth?

Are you into the goth look?

Seriously. Wearing black, skull jewelry, etc. The person may see you as that type who is, well, into all those things people associated with Halloween like, oh, say, crystal balls, talking to spirits...tarot cards....

Maybe, in fact, this person sees you very much as you are (a Scorpio) only their take is from the perspective of the "mainstream" culture which often sees people like us, tarot readers and such, as rather scary and outré.
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Smile Georgina

The Death card used as a visionary card from the perspective of someone else and depending on your life we all try to guess the context that this card is trying to put itself into, but

in this instance if you have been through alot of problems in your life it could mean you been through a lot in th ebook "women who run with wolves" Clarissa Pinkola Estes states that "women have died a thousand deaths before they are 20 years old. they have gone in this direction or that, and have been cut off. They have hopes and dreams that have also been cut off. "

William Pollack also says the same is true of men"

Este states "we should honour these symbolic deaths in memory by imagining them mnarked with descansos, which are little crosses

it may be then felt that [if you have had troubles in your life] that this will now end and the cycle of that ending will bring about a new begining, a new chapter, a new state or level of exsistance

to let go of the unworn, unhealthy and to make room for growth in your life.

Using the ryder waite deck for interpretation
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Im thinking possibly they think you may look absolutely stunning with a transformation or a make over perhaps, u know a great change in appearance (sorry if this is sounding harsh it truly is not my intentions it is just what comes to mind!) a strong major card may mean strong changes??
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Maybe they're comparing you to someone from their past, who is either dead, or simply out of the picture.
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