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Deirdre of the Sorrows - Three of Coins

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Deirdre of the Sorrows - Three of Coins

This card certainly has a calmer and less stressful energy about it compared to the 2 of coins.
It is usually associated with progression, or achievement. However, we are best to remember it is early in the suit, so we are aware we are on the right track, but have not necessarily reached a pinnacle as yet. A pat on the back is appropriate, but we must not lose sight of the goal or what we want to achieve. The signs are good though Ė so well done for getting this far.

Our artist is very focussed in this card, and we can see he has great enthusiasm for his work. We can see there are 4 further canvases on the floor propped against the table. Has he already formed some ideas for follow work, and has the canvases ready for when he completes his current project? If so, can you associate this with anything you are involved with? The fact the canvases are blank is excellent. It means there is nothing already set in form. You are free to create with a totally blank canvas at your disposal. If you could paint your dream or goal on the canvases what would it be?

The potter and wheel does show that you may need to consider undertaking some further training, or you may need to consider bringing another skill into the mix. Yep, remember this card is about progression. Sometimes that progression is in the form of drawing in something new which will enhance what you already have at your disposal. Although a different skill it will not be totally alien to you. Donít forget the potter and painter are both artists. The only difference is in the choice of medium used.
What I like about this artist is that he is neat and tidy in his work. There is no paint anywhere than on the palette, brush or canvas. To this extent he does not see the need for protective clothing. What does that tell you about his approach? How does it compare to your approach?

This cat does seem to be out of place in this card. Deirdre describes it as staring defiantly at the scene in front of it. What could it signify? Cats are associated with either good or bad luck depending on what tradition or superstition you connect with. How would its relevance differ accordingly? For example, if you associate it with good luck, it may well show his work could be sought after thereby proving to be financially viable as a career. If it is associated with bad luck, could it show that his efforts may not pay off in the way he hoped they would? Or that his work will not be accepted in a way he hoped it would? The black cat is an enigmatic inclusion in this card. It could be looking this way because it is feeling neglected. The artist has obviously been working away for sometime, and may have inadvertently shut out the needs of the cat for a while. Its symbolism may be of importance, but again surrounding cards may also help in identifying its role.

These are numerous and varied. The apple and cheese could be his choice of lunch or snack, but he is so focussed on his work he may have forgotten to eat. The thermometer is also an unusual object. We usually find use for such an item when establishing the temperature of something. How does this correlate with what we see on this card or its meaning? We have the book with the cover depicting a sunflower. In this case it partially obscures an unopened letter. Why is the letter unopened? How important are the contents? Is there something you have chosen to ignore, or put to one side with which may be of importance? If so, you would be wise to investigate sooner rather than later.
Alternatively, is this a letter he has written himself but has not yet got round to posting it? Is there somebody you think you should be contacting but havenít got round to it yet?

The mill in the background is in working order, and we can see the water is flowing freely. As the wheel turns it grinds down the grain. Without the water, activity would stop. If this does relate to your ambitions, or creative flowing of ideas keep going. If the flow is good, make use of it whilst it is there. Writers will often find they hit a block where nothing flows, but at other times they feel as though their fingers are on fire as they try to get the ideas out and onto paper before they disappear. You may be experiencing the latter, so make the most of the opportunity. However should the wheel stop it is reachable via the steps. A little bit of tinkering would hopefully be able to get it moving again.
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