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Cards indicate imprisonment?

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BabyAngel  BabyAngel is offline
Join Date: 11 Nov 2011
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Cards indicate imprisonment?

Which card or multiple cards could have indicated a jail sentence. I know the 8 of swords can but that was not in my spread. thanks.
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leelee  leelee is offline
Join Date: 06 Jan 2008
Location: Vincentia, NSW, Australia
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Devil with Justice
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The Divine Ms T  The Divine Ms T is offline
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The Divine Ms T 

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Perhaps the Tower reversed? The eight of swords reminds me of imprisonment but of the mental variety.
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SekhemNefer  SekhemNefer is offline
Join Date: 28 Jul 2008
Location: Worldwide
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2 pentacles could mean "handcuffs" if you take tarot as a visual and not literal tool.

9 Wands usually means a "guard" or "security guard" for me. Someone standing at a post guarding a site.
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Card Reader/Fortune Teller

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Since I go more by combinations of cards, I just thought of a combination that could speak of imprisonment to me. Borrowing SekhemNefer's 2 of Pentacles, it could be 2 of Pentacles, 9 of Wands and 8 of Swords. That right there could speak loudly to me of a person who is being abused and isolated from everyone but her abuser. People who are in that situation are often convinced they can't escape even when they might be able to in actuality.
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septimus  septimus is offline
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10 of swords, 8 of cups rx, or maybe 6 of swords rx
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Psychebleu  Psychebleu is offline
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Usually it takes a combo of cards...The one reading I did wherein a sentence was involved- other factors were involved as well - including a short hospital stay before being transported to jail. Tower with other neg cards isn't good- something happens and you can't do anything but deal. Hangedman - again, have to wait it out. 4 of swords featured prominently, and I see the card as forced seclusion- for whatever reason...maybe your health gives out...Whatever- things catch up and you are forced away. I never see 4 of swords and someone willingly going off by him/herself; it's always a situation of factors finally forcing one into it.
I'd say if you see Justice and/or Judgement, Hangedman, and 4 of swords together- somebody goin to jail!
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canid  canid is offline
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4 of Swords is traditionally the incarceration card. Be it jail, hospital, etc.
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WalesWoman  WalesWoman is offline
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Combos are tricky things, so don't usually thing in combos, but do read things together. There are several cards that come to mind that read together could mean imprisonment.

Justice for one, for obvious reasons.

The Emperor for enforcement of laws and keeping things in order, including confinement.

Hanged Man, since it is about the consequences, surrender to higher authority and paying the price of your actions.

4 Pentacles... locked up

5 Swords... loss of freedom, no win, dishonorable action

6 & 9 Pentacles... it's sort of a "reap what you sow", you earned this, confined sort of card.

6 Wands is a real stretch of the imagination, but after all those skirmishes, you finally get to go to the Big House, and be the new kid on the block.
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Richard  Richard is offline
Le Mat
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Le Mat

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As usual, I'll suggest something offbeat. The Chariot corresponds to the Hebrew letter Cheth, which means fence or enclosure.
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