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Mary El Tarot - The Fives

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Mary El Tarot - The Fives

5 of wands represent an individual who found balance with nature and now will be finding balance with other people.... Just like in bible, first Adam was in balance with God (Ace-Threes), then with nature and animals (Fours), then he was in balance with Eve (Fives). Now the tiger on fire represents a firery strongest desire of our heart. But not all of us can follow their rawest desires, we have to work as a society. And there always has to be balance. When one person takes something, the other person has less of something... You can take away someones money, status, friends, or pain, misery, misfortunes.... No matter what, all good had to be balanced out by evil and vice versa..

Individual follows passions of his heart through the forest (reality, other people) but has to remember: 1. his velocity, otherwise going too fast he can crash and hurt someones feelings (u ever rushed into sex and destroyed a potential relationship?)(or you ever said words in haste and caused disaster and pain?). 2. what drives him - if he is drived by the light inside, good competition and motivation, he can create art and beautiful things on earth, if he is drived by ego, he will cause sorrow and pain through unnecessary fights...

maybe thats why in traditional tarot 5 of swords is represents as constructive/competitive struggles/quarrels ending well.. I think Mrs Marie White very successfully reinterpreted this card in her tarot...

According to Mrs White, 5 of swords represents Eve from Eden. First Woman. Eve being represented by Swords means her main ability was words and thinking.... And it stayed the same for millenniums... Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk... talking all the time... overthinking everything... (imma guy and i simply must say, women do talk much more than men, they need to talk, it can be soo annoying for me as a guy.... on the other hand, men after long day dont wanna talk about their day, they wanna be on their own, inside of themselves, in their cave = the circle on Adam's chest in 5 of disks)... and overthinking was what got Eve in trouble, wanting to know even more than Gods (her ego) and thinking what if (doubting God and her true essence inside)... also words got Eve in trouble (tempting Adam to eat the apple)... and KA-BOOM! disaster... and thats why are we all here in this world struggling... also soo many owls represent overthinking = owls overload! so 5 of swords - your words and thinking is your biggest enemy that can bring the disaster and defeat upon you...

5 of cups is about heartache and broken heart according to Mrs. WHite. So I assume its about lost love.. Lost love of God (being excluded from Eden), and lost love of Adam (God has died inside of him, she couldnt love his godly nature in his, so she tried to love his earthy nature, but that love was not heavenly, that was a love of egos, and that can never work. Because where there is an ego, there are two. Where there is God/light, there is one.). So loosing all this - especially for women, since they are so emotional, passive (water element), must have been even harder than for Adam, and she also paid harder for her sin (menstruation, pain in labour)... 5 of cups for me talks about nowadays relationships... How 90 percent of them try to love the other partner as he is, egoistic love ("my partner will make me happy"=love is on the outside. He is cute, rich, sexy = i will be happy. But again earthy things that will fade away. And with them egoistic love... And ka-boom every second marriage ends in divorce). and then there are few couples who search the god/light/true love/supernatural in other person (whatever you wanna call it) and try to ressurect this ancient bond between them and God via the holy marriage through their partner.... and if you been around these marriages, they work even through the darkest times....

5 of disks And now we move to Adam. The man. The man who is supposed to conquer the entire world. But he must not forget his heart (5 of wands). If man falls for earthy pleasures (reference to 5 of disks) - money, sex, women, men, adultery, addictions and so on - It is lost. He knows he has to conquer the world, from the times when he was hunting ancient animals and bringing food for family, when he was building big cities and pyramids, when he was fighting and winning wars, while woman was raising family and passing culture via words and languages onto children.... But Man must be in his heart, with God, in balance, listening to the passions God gave him and fulfill his destiny.. With God he can conquer the world, resist the temptation and be the final part of resurrecting the relationships with others - via knowing his godly nature, and therefore seeing godly things in others and loving them as they are - God's children....
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JadoreHauteCouture  JadoreHauteCouture is offline
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Update - 5 of swords...

Owls represent stereotypical and close-minded thinking... unusable and flawed point of view... meaning the person instead of being him/herself, starts to believe some outer wrong opinions about life, or living and they hide themselved behind those opinions..

example in reading... A wants to date B... B is 5 of swords... B would be open to loving A, but started believing that love is wrong, or she cannot be happy, doesnt deserve a good relationship, it cannot work out... instead of entering the relationship, B hides behind the opinions and guards her/himself from the world, trying to stay safe, but doesnt realize he/she only limits him/herself... these stereotypical views represent fear... this card is a person who is controlled by his/her fears and guards him/herself with them and slowly dies unhappy inside...
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