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9 of Cups and Relationships

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9 of Cups and Relationships

The 9 of Cups has been such a positive card for me in the past, and I'm generally very happy to see it when it shows up. For relationships, I see a very emotionally deep and loving relationship with this card. Happy times, happy families, joy to share and love.

I realize there are ill-dignified and reversed aspects of this card as well, but I'd like to focus on the dignified and upright meanings.

So, I'm wondering how you feel about the 9 of Cups in a relationship? Does this indicate a solid and lasting bond...or is it fleeting? Is this more romantic in nature or is it platonic (romance or friendship)? Or is this a card where you always need a clarifier or look to surrounding cards to see if it's one or the other?

Thank you for your time and thoughts
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I don't usually see it as a long and lasting bond in a relationship reading. Nines are about completions and endings, and the Nine of Cups, more often than not for me, usually points to someone in the relationship being complacent and satisfied with how things are "for now"--but not really willing to take it to a "happily-ever-after" Ten of Cups position. This card also often comes up when the relationship is sensual and physically satisfying, but not as concrete or long-term as someone who is deeply in love would like to be involved with.
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Sorry, but I must disagree with 9's as completions or endings, those belong to the 10's. 9's are still yet to be, close to the finish but not there yet. They are the culmination, but not yet arrived to a conclusion... something is still missing, something yet to wait for, something yet to finish. 9's plan, prepare, gather, share, anticipate, they wait with awareness, independently for the next thing to happen.

I do agree that with 9 Cups there is a sense of things are ok the way they are now, or rather there is always some reason why it hasn't moved to the 10 of completion, some reason to wait or put off... but underlying that is probably a sense of incompleteness, if only... this or that or something else. There is satisfaction in 9 Cups, but still a feeling of it could be more... or even is this all there is?
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There's always that happy being independent and looking after my own needs at this time feeling for me about the 9 of cups, afterall she's on her own in the picture looking content. So i feel they don't need a big romantic share all relationship.
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I agree with the others that the 9 of Cups is not really a happy-in-love card.
One of my clients asked wheter or not her boyfriend is equally upset about the argument that they had ( in which he said quite nasty things to her that really upset her ) and one of the cards drawn was the 9 of Cups- as it turns out,while she was spending the nights alone,crying about what he had said he was out partying,having a great time,meeting friends,and just generally not really caring,rather living it up.

So yes, 9 of Cups is a card about physical gratification,about being on your own, not in a real relationship,and living it up. I don't see any particular romance regarding the card. The only romantic cards in the Cups to me is the 2 of Cups and 10 of Cups.
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I do see the 9 of cups as wish fulfilled card.. in my DM deck.. a man is holding up a lantern with a genie popping out.. but it could also be a warning.. be careful what you wish for. The story of "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry comes to mind.

Generally I do see it as a positive card that promises sensual delights.. a relationship period where there's sense of well being and bit of indulgence added in. Is it commitment card.. no, not really but not all relationships end with commitment and if two parties are happy with that.. then 9 of cups is the perfect card. It's a time where two people simply relish in each others' company.. there's emotions flowing.. happy drunken emotions.. I would consider this the honeymoon period.

I see the 4 of cups as more being dissatisfied with the relationship and 5 of cups as sense of loss. 9 of cups usually always indicates a happy time although not really grounded in reality.. for me anyways.

With so many cups in RWS.. I could see this pertaining to drinking and lots of it.
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