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One Deck Wonder Resurrected

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Originally Posted by DaisyDragonfly View Post
Hurrah! A Wild Unknown buddy

This really isn't a deck for 'study', per se. It's a deck to experience, to let unfold. That happened this morning: I pulled my morning card, made a quick note of it, ran off to work.

On the Tube, I listened to music, and watched the card - unprompted - open up and play a wonderful little animated movie in my mind. First deck where this has happened; it's the first deck, I think, that could.

How I record all this, goodness knows...
It is beautiful! I just received it today. It will take some getting used to- the imagery being much more stark than what I typically read with, but I do like it so far.
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strings of life 

I'll admit that I have to go back a few pages and read some of the most recent posts. I'm getting rdady to go to bed and am posting this via iPhone. Oh, technology.

I've been so busy with work (so busy, Tarot Orat knows since we exchanged), but I did want to pop in and say that I've been using the International Icon for 3 weeks and everything about it makes me smile.

It reads so incredibly well. Crystal clear. I'm not left scratching my head wondering what something is or why it's there. I am finding myself reading symbols and colors in a new way. And most of all, it's fun. I've never felt that when reading before. Sure, some may think it's a garish deck with way too many colors, but this is why I like it so much. Heck, love it.

Daily Draws and Study Group? I know. Journaling and figuring out the blog situation? Yep, have to do that too. At least I'm holding it, flipping through it, and reading with it though.

Gosh, it's such the opposite style of deck than the Ironwing that I treated myself to today thanks to the Tarot Trading forum . That only took 3 years to obtain, ha. Another deck for another time...

I'm captivated by the II though. I'm not interested in any other deck right now .
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I'm really loving my International Icon too. It is probably the easiest deck to read with that I've ever used. And yes, it is fun! I'm so glad I jumped into this thread, I can see myself reading exclusively with this deck for a long time.
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Great to see so many happy with their deck choice for ODW.

If you're used to deck hopping committing to one can be a bit difficult. Before I found AT I had only ever used 2 decks. Then I discovered this place and now I have a collection!

Dame Fortune's Wheel is proving a joy to use. The cards are easy to interpret even though they don't have the standard RWS meanings. Very glad I decided to commit to this one for a while.
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I'm really happy to see so many fans of the Tarot of Vampyres who are doing the ODW too . I hope to see you in the study group.
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My big spread reading...

Hi every one,

So far after 1week I am in love with The Tarot of Vampyres. I just had a bit of a sad evening ( my mum has cancer and 1 week after her second chemo she has had her first "bad" day) any ways, I didnt know what to do and as its been a week that I started this and it was time for my big spread, I layed all my daily draw cards down next to one another (8 cards as on one day 2 cards jumped out at me ) and did a summarize fast read and it was liberating, calming, loving... I feel so much better...

I just love tarot, now even more then ever before and cant wait to start my second week in the ODW way.

Have fun every one and let me know your experiences,
BB AmberFox
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AmberFox, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's difficulties and her first bad day. I hope she feels better soon and I wish you both all the strength this sort of thing requires... I'm really glad to hear you found comfort in the Tarot.

I have done my daily draws, read through the applicable threads in the study group for the cards drawn and contributed to the study group a little, but yesterday and today I did something else.

I had a small issue arise with a friend around Yule and I was a bit worried that maybe our friendship would not sustain it. I was taking some space and wondering if she'd call me. She called yesterday and left a message so I shuffled my DruidCraft just to get one card to see what I would be getting into if I returned her call yesterday(because I wasn't sure the issue had totally been resolved). I drew the 5 of wands and decided I wasn't up for whatever was going to occur. I did not call her yesterday. I waited until today and drew the 8 of swords. I figured, I'll never be free unless I call her back today and I'm so glad I did. The issue was weighing on both our minds and now we have gotten past it.

I'm not the kind of person to draw a card for every situation in life and actually hardly any situations in life for myself, but I decided it would be a good way to connect with the cards during this ODW and it really was. I think I'm really learning a lot by doing this.
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What the hell, I'm in with Hallowquest: the Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews. It already made it into my Top 10 last year and it strikes the right balance for me in its suitability to read in a variety of situations without sacrificing intellectual stimulation.

My guidelines are:


1. Hallowquest/Arthurian deck for the majority of readings for myself and others**
2. For as long as I feel like it.
3. If I feel like it, re-read the parts of the companion books I have already read and read the parts I have never read.
4. If I feel like it, do some of the recommended meditations/pathwalking sessions in the course--if I feel like it only. No obligation.
5. Use the original Hallowquest (black-borders) version at home.
6. Carry around the white-bordered reprint in my work satchel just for the sake of it---no expectation of doing readings when I'm out and about.
7. Continue to check-in with my Deck of the Week group threads
**8. Use the other deck(s) of my choice for special occasions, holidays and/ or "emergency" readings.
I am a happy polygamist and will eventually find it intolerable to restrain myself from deck rotation. But I also have a romanticized fondness for the idea of using and understanding one deck to the point that it's visibly worn-in. Perhaps it reminds me of the innocent bygone days of my first year in tarot, when I always had the same deck with me on my person. Even then it never made it to visible wear because hey, most decks are pretty hardy (and I was soon off on a collector's spree).

There's a time and season for everything. At this moment, I fancy a season of monogamy. The tide will turn soon enough but let's see how long this season lasts.
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I haven't had a chance to post, but the International Icon and I have been getting along well also. Like my IIT companions, I'm finding it so easy to read! It seems that without individual details and facial expressions, I'm very focused on the body language of the figures. They're very expressive! Maybe it's my theatre/dance background resurfacing after all these years, but it really speaks to me. I'm reading this deck much more intuitively than I usually do.

Eventually I'll get over to the study group to post!
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I'm resisting my Zombie Tarot. So far, I've only used my Druidcraft, but I want to do a larger reading/a spread.
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