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One Deck Wonder Resurrected

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I don't even know the lyrics to ''Come on Eileen'' except... COME ON, EILEEN!

Anyway - yeah, I see your point, Chikiru. Worded that way, it makes sense. Intuitively, though, to me, it brings to mind remembering a single card and finding the rest of the deck entirely forgettable.

Which is what I WONDER would happen if I bought the Tarot Illuminati for the sake of that Nine of Pents I can't stop THINKING about!
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Oh, good. I'm glad to see you guys are still here.

I love Judy Collins

Chiriku, I don't do self readings much either- I mostly only did them when I was learning- to learn. Occasionally I do one when something major is bugging me-it's so rare. I just don't think of the ODW as only for self readings. I'm doing all my readings for others with the DruidCraft. As far as the dailies go, it isn't really a one card reading for me, per se- more of a way to just see how the card pertains to whatever happened that day, again a learning thing for me- to try to grasp a little better the concept of what cards can mean on a subtle, daily basis. Anyway- I'm sorry you lost everything you typed. I've done that before and it's soo frustrating.

Anyway, glad to see you all still here

(Now I've got Come on Eileen in my head and I don't even like that song )
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Another week gone by. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm any better off than I was when I started this. I haven't had the time to actually LEARN the aspects of my deck that I wanted to learn yet. I am enjoying the daily associations and using the DruidCraft for the readings I do. I hope to at some point delve deeper into the book and actually STUDY the cards.

The faster the Solstice approaches, the more I think I might want to go ahead and do this until a year is up. I'm finding that when I do readings for others and I used to choose a deck based on the question or the person or whatever, it's fine to just use the DruidCraft each and every time...So that's different for me...and I like it
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Well, the past few days of doing the daily draws have felt like a chore. Today I feel like I may actually end the ODW on the solstice. It's not definite, I'll wait and see how I feel that day.
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Daily draws always feel like chores to me. That's why when I do one (like today), it's because I have an organic need to, a feeling of "let's see what ___ (for me, the Arthurian Tarot) has to say at this moment."

Perhaps you might consider doing some of that "study" (whatever that word means to you) with the DruidCraft that you've been meaning to rather than daily draws--shake things up a little. It would likely mean interacting with the deck on a much less frequent basis, but one can still do a ODW that way, as I have.

I think the time to give up a ODW is when you feel irresistible urges to see what other decks have to say about things. I haven't had that urge despite not using my ODW deck regularly--but that's because I feel it still has much to say, but that I'm just not ready (at the time) to sit down and grapple with it. To the contrary, it has far, far too much to tell me for me to be able to deal with it in any way that gives it its due.

What about shooting for a new goal---a weekly reading with multiple cards, or a study of the Pagan-themed Major Arcana in order or in certain groupings?
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All good advice, Chikiru but I haven't the time for too much study as I'm having to devote time to a research paper... I do still study cards I haven't drawn, read through the study group threads, and look cards up in the book to see if there is any extra insight . I also have done all my readings for others with the DruidCraft. (I don't have a desire to read for myself weekly or the time for multiple card readings for me) The daily draws were/are not the only things I've been doing in the ODW- Just something I was trying to do to stay consistant with the deck while I work on my other projects, too. Balance was what I was hoping to achieve between all areas of life. It's just the past few days I've begun to feel restless- I still haven't decided what I will do yet, I will wait until the solstice to decide.
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Miss Divine 

Hey guys! I haven't posted in this thread for a while since stepping out of the ODW. The reason why was, my ODW deck is a very deep deck, and I couldn't use it for everyone to read for either. Some people were actually repulsed by it. Anyway, it is still my most used deck. I love studying this deck too, because it keeps me intrigued. But I can't do an official ODW, because I can't use this deck exclusively. For myself yes, no problem! For others, no!

Disa, daily draws do get boring I agree. I enjoy exploring and learning the deck along with the book, especially with this deck.
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I think I am in for 78 days with Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA. glup.

-I will use my oracles along side of NTMS
-I will join the deck of the week first and than deck of month thread
-I will use my Qabalistic Tarot ,Thoth book for one or two week each

I started on 6-20-13 and will try to end on 9-5-13
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Welcome VampTramp

I think I'm through with the daily draw aspect of the ODW. I'm proud of myself for keeping with it so long (Feb 2 til June 21). I've never been one to do daily draws so now I know how it feels. It was an interesting and engaging process up until last week... I began to dread it and see it as a chore so I think it's best I stop that aspect. I will continue to use the deck for readings and study when I have the time, but I'm thinking this may be the official end of the one deck wonder process for me. Good luck to those continuing on their journey.
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Madame Squee 
Signing up! Deck of the Bastard & TdM Pierre Madenie 1709

Hi everyone!

I'm back in from summer solstice to the autumnal equinox -- June 21 to September 22.

My pictorial deck is the Deck of the Bastard, and my TdM is Pierre Madenie 1709.

I don't know if I will have time for an oracle, but if I do, it will be playing cards.

I'm very happy to be with you guys and have this focus again.
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