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One Deck Wonder Resurrected

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I would love to do this again - you learn so much even if you end your study early. I've never managed to finish one yet, well the Liber T sort of ended but then went to the next level, but you find out at the beginning if you have a deck that will keep your interest.

When I did this study with the Liber T, was only supposed to be for a year but 8(?) years later and I never moved on and I used to be such a deck hopper. I'm still learning about the Liber T and I don't think I will ever tire of this deck.

But... I now have a couple of RWS's that I really like, I've never took to the colouring of the other RWS's so have never done a complete study of the deck but now with these new recoloured versions I'm feeling the need to get to know the RWS, especially after all these years. I think I might limit myself to 3 months to start with and see how I get on. I'll post dailies and do card studies and just go from there. (With the Liber T watching from the sidelines )
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Madame Squee 

Hi Emily,

The recolored versions of the Rider Waite are the best IMO. The Centennial is my favorite. My longest ODW (or maybe it was an IDS...) was with a RWCS deck, and I think it lasted about 3 months, but it was probably only 2.

I'm very close to choosing the Servants of the Light this time.

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Lil Red 

I had started 4 days ago, but I'm going to switch tarot books. I'm going to read "Psychic Tarot" by Nancy Antenucci with Melanie Howard instead of "Tarot for Your Self" by Mary Greer
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autumn and the sword 
New Thread

Hooked on TdM has started a new ODW for 2014:
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