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Galadhwen  Galadhwen is offline
Join Date: 22 May 2016
Location: n/a
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Originally Posted by Fairawen View Post
*inserts Ace of Swords*
You got a sword! And a copy of Sword-swinging For Dummies!

You planned to spend time studying it on your own, aside from making notes in the library for some ancient swordsmanship research (or at least going to) and watch documentaries of swordmanship reconstruction (you have the youtube playlist already). You planned to sign up to a local LARP too and see if you can join the Battle of Normandy casting. Well, it's definitely on your nightmarishly long to-do list (which you planned to do).

*inserts Page of Pentacles*
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CoffeeBlood  CoffeeBlood is offline
Join Date: 30 Mar 2017
Location: france
Posts: 55

Originally Posted by Galadhwen View Post
*inserts Page of Pentacles*
you get 2 hot sandwiches you've been craving for the past week, but denied eating because of your diet. you go hide and eat them in peace, hoping nobody knows.

*inserts 10 of swords*
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Shanachie05's Avatar
Shanachie05  Shanachie05 is offline
Join Date: 10 Sep 2014
Location: Massachusetts, US
Posts: 28

Originally Posted by CoffeeBlood View Post
*inserts 10 of swords*
Out pops that friend who is living in your basement rent-free, eating all of your food and dominating your living room as he watches tv and eats Cheetos on your couch. He has planned to move out "this weekend" for 6 months, but something always seems to come up. What a pain in the butt!

*inserts 4 of Cups*
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zhadee  zhadee is offline
Join Date: 09 Dec 2014
Location: gone
Posts: 4,894

Out pops another gruesome potion, this time with cherry on top and presented by the master of ceremonies himself.

*inserts 5 of Coins
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EmpyreanKnight  EmpyreanKnight is offline
Join Date: 23 Oct 2015
Location: Manila, Philippines
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Originally Posted by zhadee View Post
*inserts 5 of Coins
Out pops a makeshift soup kitchen thay has enough resources to feed the poor in your town for a week.


* Insert the 10 of Swords Rx *
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zhadee  zhadee is offline
Join Date: 09 Dec 2014
Location: gone
Posts: 4,894

Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post

* Insert the 10 of Swords Rx *
Out pops the plank & some sharks start to fall out of the sky

* inserts Magician rx
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