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King of Cups and the Ace of cups reversed

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Question King of Cups and the Ace of cups reversed

What would the King of Cups and the reversed Ace of cups (in that order) mean?

The question was "will they break up"? The rest of the cards are reversed as well.

These two cards seem interesting, it almost looks like this King is dumping his cup out.

What's some other thought on this? Any ideas?
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Sakura Mazaki  Sakura Mazaki is offline
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Sakura Mazaki 

Things seem to be loving and well balanced, but something isn't quite right. Something you need may be missing.

Really, it could go either way, I think it would be more of an undecided! :o
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The King of Cups for me would not indicate a break up, there are still a lot of mature emotions. The reversed ace of cups might have been turmoil, or interest in another that never materialized and matured. Perhaps a better question would be where is this relationship headed, or going, instread of a yes/no.
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morerain  morerain is offline
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It doesn't necessarily mean break up but it could be that the initial 'thrill' is gone. That is, the initial feelings one gets at the beginning of the relationship - the giddiness, fluttery stomach, the need to win one's heart, doing anything or everything for the other is be replaced by other kinds of feelings or focus in the relationship. No relationship will be king of cup and ace of cup forever.

If the relationship involves a man, maybe he has already fulfilled this role, in a sense, and is now assuming a different role (energy) in the woman's life. That is: more of a lover (king of wands), more of a provider or wanting to settle down (king of Pentacles) or becoming more assertive, objective and communicative about his needs (king of swords). Looking to see if these cards come up could be a strategy in future readings.

The emptying of the cups seems symbolic of "already, I've had my fill". This image, evokes for me, a night of reverie and partying involving drinking. Once a person is sufficiently inebriated and has had more than their fill, an empty glass may often fall over carelessly and, in some cases, is knocked onto the floor along with the drunk partier who has clearly had enough falls asleep in a happy stupor having no more need for wine or the glass. Maybe I'm over interpreting here but it feels like the natural extension of the nine of cups -> wish come true (time to drink and party), ten of cups -> complete 'full'fillment, ace of cups -> a new beginning -> time to fill up the cup , the cup overflows with feelings only to empty one has had enough. Key here: not NO FEELINGS rather had enough feelings.

In the case of the King of Cups and the Ace in this reading, it appears to have already happened. The question is: what will the couple or individual do with this newfound knowledge? Is it time to move on to something else, another activity or preoccupation with their partner (or perhaps with another person?) It's worth noting, I think, that cups appear empty or toppled over in Five and Eight of Cups upright perhaps through a careless act. That's when I think a definite break up would clearly be indicated. With these reversed cups, it's not so forthright.

In wineries, there is also the gesture of emptying the remains of the wine in the glass into a bucket. The gesture means, I've tasted enough, I'm satisfied with tasting, perhaps I'll try another. Or, if the person doesn't taste much of it and quickly dumps it out, its a display of dissatisfaction and can be perceived as an insult to the person that offered the tasting. With the Ace and King, there's clearly a 'reason' the cup is turned over, because it seems to be done in a conscious rather than haphazard manner. Another important question to me would be: why were the cups turned over - has the person simply had enough? Enough of what exactly in the relationship? Is it an indication of a need for a new glass? Something else to fill the cup or does it signify change in the relationship?

I suppose that this imagery could also play into the interpretation of turned over cups.
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MaineGirl117  MaineGirl117 is offline
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For this relationship to succeed, they may need to remember back to the beginning of the relationship and what made them fall in love/become attracted to one another in the first place.
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