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The Fool

The Fool

as promised when I find something I would post. so here is a recap and some added info I found to match with the Lurianic Tree of Life

Originally Posted by La Force
The Fool - When place on the 2 horizontal line Geburah - Chesed, Matches beautifully, as in the imagery, the fool is dancing between Kether and Malkuth.
I found in the book by Jean Huets

Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
The Fool is the point of balance between destruction and creation
This show The Fools placement on the Lurianic Tree of Life. The Fools sits on the path between Chesed and Geburah.

Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
S/He signifies the held breath of the cosmic force; the exhalation is creation; the inhalation is annihilation.
Both of these sentences from the book "The Cosmic Tarot" show that the Lurianic Tree of Life is being used with the Cosmic Tarot. hurray I'm so stoke as each day goes by. validation is good.

Aleph is the light breath between Mem and Shin. This is a letter of beauty, foundation, and kingdom. Aleph is the connection between the realities above and the realities below.

Air- (Mental) communication, Ideas, thoughts, intellect, obstacles, difficulties, decisions, and power.

The Path between Chesed - Geburah

Chesed - universal force of creation, production. It is the universal will in a state of actualization.

Geburah - is the universal force of destruction, annihilation.

It is the Path of the "Secret of all Spiritual activities".

The secret is the knowledge that the processes of production and destruction work hand in hand. This is the key to understanding spiritual, and other kinds of growth. Old forms must be blasted (destroyed) so that new forms can be constructed (created).

"Newness needs room to Grow".

This is the path of continuous movement, and continuous process.

The newness of each new moment is the opportunity to experience, bliss and union with the ONE at all times. Let the past go, surrender the past. Approach the present with exhilaration and experience the newness of the now.

Chesed - Geburah or Creation - Destruction

Brought about through harsh circumstances, which enables us to become more merciful, when confronted with the problems of others.

The Fool is the Point of Balance

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Join Date: 30 Nov 2011
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The High Priestess - Tau ( Yesod - Malkuth)

Below I have compiled many resources, to not only help myself with understand the Lurianic Tree of Life, but that the Major Arcana have different Paths than the traditional Tree of Life , used with Tarot. Therefore this gathering of resources, I have put together for you, it is for your better understanding. I have also included a Photo of an old Tarot Card, which you will find quite interesting. Which will follow what i have put together below, as well as the Cosmic Tarot High Priestess.

The High Priestess - Tau ( Yesod - Malkuth)

Tau - (Cross / Mark) Synthesis, Goodness; Grace is Ugliness, Planet: Moon

Moon: Soul, unconscious, personality, instinct, emotions, fertility, feelings, reactions, intuitive, sensitive, protective, nurturing, clingy, psychic, dreams, illusions, hallucinations, etc.
(Woman, Mother, Wife, the nation and the church, etc.)

Path: Between Yesod & Malkuth

Yesod (Moon): The subconscious mind and the universal mind.
Yesod - "Foundation" - Reflection of terrestrial plane
(Moon) The moon and the moon goddess Diana

Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
The crescent moon, which governs the tides, shows the High Priestess to be in harmony with the ebb and flow of life and death.

The High Priestess also represents the unofficial side of world religions. the community of any religion becomes mere reflection of the worldly status quo without creative, and sometimes obsessed, individuals. The High Priestess is the abbess or leader of obscure religious communes or orders that have only tenuous connections with established churches.
Yesod; participates simultaneously in the worlds of matter and spirit. It is the receptacle of the emanations from the other sephiroth, then it transmits to Malkuth the physical plane. It is the reflection of terrestrial plane, the unconscious, illusion and the imagination. It justifies the emanations, purifies and corrects them. That it is the "Vision of the Universal mechanism". The purifier of the emanations and connects the energy of the other sephiroth to the lowest sphere Malkuth. Understanding before or beyond worlds.

The foundation of the psyche, concerned with safety, comfort, and survival needs. Yesod knows exactly what we want and need in order to feel secure in life. It is the place of crystallization, foundation, and is the hidden infrastructure, whereby the emanations are transmitted to Malkuth. The substance which lies behind, supports, and gives shape to reality. It lies behind physical matter and holds it together, something less structured, more elastic and refined.

Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
The Yin-Yang symbol on her forehead denotes the fundamental truth of nature as perceived by humans: that all energy is generated by the interplay of opposites, the alternation of negative and positive, light and dark, dry and wet, hot and cold, day and night.
Yesod: Instinct, Internal stimuli, Mind
Stimuli at an animal level
Sexual arousal to Fear
Laughter to Despair
your Racial and Inherited traits
your Psychic and Intuitive nature
Primal urges and Stored memories
Subconscious and Unconscious

Keywords: Base, Ground, Principle, Compilation, Life Patterns, Apprehension, Secrets, fears, Portal, Gate, Knowing, Reputation, Reflection, Vision, Spirit, etc.

Malkuth - "The Kingdom" and "Spirituality", (Earth) Material functioning
The Root
The Origin
The Subconscious

The physical world, stability, processing, moving to a new level.

It represents the final result of all the activities of the tree, the nadir of evolution to which all life must arrive before remounting toward the source.

The permanent vehicle of manifestation, animated by the forces. Makes definable and tangible the energies of the higher planes. The emanations of the other sephiroth are then selves illuminated as soon as they find a form and are reflected in the material world.

A cycle has fulfilled itself, and new ideas or elements begin to enter, moves onto a new plane of experience.

Our body, all of nature's physical manifestation. Here we consciously connect with nature and feel grounded, embodied in the present. It is the sphere of matter, substance, the real, physical world, the physical plane. after the energy of creation has condensed into matter, it reverses its course back up the tree until it is once again united with its true divine nature.

Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
The Yin-Yang symbol on her forehead denotes the fundamental truth of nature as perceived by humans: that all energy is generated by the interplay of opposites
Keywords: Dominion, real, realization, reign, Soul, Awareness, The cage, The body, etc.

Yesod - Malkuth
End and Beginning are One
Alpha and Omega

Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
the Letters alpha and omega, inscribed in the book, are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. as her brother the Magician coagulates the elements to make creation possible, the Priestess takes from eternity TIME: Beginning and End. The Magician represents the application of knowledge; the High Priestess represents Knowledge itself.
Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
The Life Force comes in its Time to each being and withdraws in its Time, just as ocean tides come and go, just as the moon waxes and wanes.
Administrative intelligence, the one who would rule Nature must first obey Her Laws. "As Above, So Below".

You are the Beginning and the End.
You are the Window, which looks inward to the source and outward to the goal.
The treasure you seek so diligently is the Jewel of eternity buried deep in your own heart.

The High Priestess helps us to clarify the purpose and potential of ourselves and our world. She helps us work toward healing the ills which plague us. She teaches us about the critical connections by which we can achieve lasting health. She enable us.

The High Priestess is also called: "Magh" (Maga) which means "to be able", Magh is the root word for magic. With the Tools of the Magician (Magus) and the connections to the deep stream of consciousness, the power of the High Priestess enables us to heal ourselves and to maximize our potential. Enabling the Self means developing the capability to meet all situations with confidence and skill.

Here is the Photo of an Older Version of the High Priestess. From the Besancon Tarot (1750)

As you peel back the layers that veil the self, moving ever deeper, you discover more and more the spiritual basis of your existence. You attain faith, that is why the mystery of the High Priestess is the mystery of faith.

The Maga holds the scroll/book which outlines the principles of spiritual organization and devotion to the high principles. This is the scroll/book of the divine law. Read and understand the scroll/book, which some have referred to as the Akashic Records.

You have the perfect measure of self-esteem and confidence. You are self-reliant, you are cantered. This is the middle way. It is the way you have internalized.

You know all these things. You have trained yourself in understanding the Divine Universal Laws and the Laws of Nature. You understand the Divine Law of cause and effect. You understand the energy of the One Life behind that Divine Law.

Originally Posted by The Cosmic Tarot
The High Priestess protects all secrets in nature with her power
Because you are freed through new insight, the reality of your daily life is once again in flux.
The Moon, also known as the Silver Star. reflects the light of the world of the gods. It reflects the light of the One Light or One Life, the light of the "Above", a light which, as described by mystics and magicians is too brilliant to behold. The symbol of this brilliant light is sometimes considered to be the star Sirius. Sirius, like the Moon, is referred to as "the Silver Star."

The Moon knows the source and offers the image of the source to reflect upon. One must not mistake the channel or reflector of the light for the light itself for the image will always be influenced by the character of the reflector.

Reality is forever compromised at beginnings and endings. Beginnings and endings, which are one and the same, constitute a window period. Through this window, you see past, present and future with new clarity. You understand the dynamics of the present by examining the dynamics of the past. You know what the future holds by observing the dynamics of the present. You have learned, that you can change dynamics at will to achieve the effects you want.

This is the divine Law of cause and effect in action. Through this magical window, you can see your steps laid out before and behind. It appears now that you have travelled forever, but you have gone nowhere. You feel, in some ways, just like you did at the beginning. Some things have changed, others have not. You will ultimately realize that the real goal is, was, and always, will be, to arrive back at the beginning. The goal is to arrive at the source. The source, then is the goal. The goal is the source.

What is the beginning? Did you not begin to remember who you are? Did you not learn that the illumination you sought without was within you all along? Did you not see that you are the illumination you sought without?

The purpose of the journey is the discovery of the inner self. You have explored and discovered by travelling through the dark depths of your subconscious mind, and therein you have glimpsed the light of the inner self. Your Physical body has been the vehicle of your discovery. It will now in light of your new Knowledge be the vehicle you use to transform your world.

On your path, you have realized extra ordinary powers, but while you can see much, and there is much you know, there are also things you don't know.

You are encompassed by the ocean of light, the One Life, but you cannot perceive the whole sea.
just as you are the Magician, you are also the Fool. You bumble and stumble and fall in holes.

To this end, you shall find the most powerful oracle, in the universe at the inner shrine in the deep Temple of the self. Attaining to this is the stage of spiritual unfoldment.

Attaining to this Oracle is attaining to the external Inner Eye, and Attaining to the eternal Inner Ear. Through the infinite Inner Eye you see the eternal dance. and through the infinite Inner Ear, you attune to the eternal song.

When you attain to this Oracle, you will understand the true meaning of the phase "As above, So below", "As within, So without." "As it is in my heart of hearts, So it is in my life of Lives." "As it is in the One heart, So it is in the One Life."

Attaining the understanding of the connection between the worlds of spirit and matter is the third mode of power: MEMORY, This is the gift of knowing the collective past, present and future. You can access the scroll of memory in the deepest layers of your subconscious mind. Go deep within yourself to find the answer.

You have learned the great lessons of emotion: How to harness and control your desires, reactions, and moods. How to indulge and consume without hurting yourself. How to fill your own emptiness.

You have learned the great lessons of thought: How to harness and control the direction of your thinking. How to discriminate among teachers and methods of instruction. How to direct your attention. How to align yourself with the higher wisdom of the inner self. How to master that which you set out to accomplish.

You have learned to great lessons of the body: How to bring your material life into accordance with your spiritual truth.

You have learned the great lesson of spirit: How to harness and control your energies and actions. How to focus your intention. How to discipline yourself. How to persevere.

You have learned the great lesson of your strengths: How to handle your fears and weaknesses.

This is your key to alignment, it is your key to action.

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