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Tyldwick -Queen of Swords

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Tyldwick -Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is elementally Water of Air; the water is symbolized by the garden pool while both air and water are seen by the flamingos and the harps. She is a nurturer, but not the warm, cuddly, fuzzy kind. She believes the best way to help a person is to be blunt and honest with them (the harp makes me think of the phrase "time to face to music"). And believe me, this woman can help "tune you up." The flamingos are interesting birds; their deep, shovel-like bills are used to dredge up mud and water then filter out what is edible and what is not. In the same way, this queen encourages us to filter out the emotions that might be causing us to cloud our judgment (too much water, not enough air). Flamingos are also known for their pinkish-red coloring. Their color comes from the rich sources of carotenoid pigments in the algae and small crustaceans the birds eat. Just as they are affected by what they eat, the Queen of Swords warns that are lives will be influenced dramatically by the ideas and beliefs we allow to reside in our heads. Her harps play sweet music because they tuned properly; likewise our lives make beautiful music when we don't try to hide little lies (loose strings) in with the the truth. The Queen has experienced plenty of challenges in life, yet has managed to persevere. Like the bards who told stories by using songs and harps, this queen might share some of her history to help us deal with our own difficulties. But beware... she has a finely tuned BS detector, and if she thinks you're trying to manipulate her in any way, she's liable to impale you on the iron rail at the top of the garden wall and leave you there as a warning to others.
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