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World Spirit- reversals?

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World Spirit- reversals?

I got this deck for my b/f, who has dabbled a bit with the cards prior to our meeting. He had used RW style deck, but did not own one until the World Spirit, which he picked out. He really likes it and connects to it well. We have been working with it for the past few days {since some one revived the WS study group thread}.....but we have been going back and forth about reversals and this deck. His style of reading cards is very different than mine, but what he reads from them makes sense to me as well {sorta cool for a 'duel' reading with one throw}.....
We have been using reversals in the shuffling- he haas gotten frustraited with the book not giving reversals, and then when he references other books for the 'general' meaning- it 'makes no sense'.....I agree, for refering to another book, there is a break in the flow {don't know how to explain it}
I have explained how I read reversals, but my method is never consistant and can be complex- no help to him. Then I also explained, that I had always used reversals comfortably with all my decks until I got my Fey deck- never used reversals, didn't even try, and my readings are fine. So perhaps the World Spirit is one of those decks that wants{?} to be read only upright?

Do you use reversals with this deck? If so, is it a; 'blocked' or 'opposite' or 'important-lacking' or 'shadow' kind of reversal? something else?.......what do you get from the reversals?

Do you NOT use reversals? How do the 'negitive' {and again, 'shadow'} aspects of an situation come out in the cards?

*with my fey, there is enough 'negitive' within the deck, some cards express 'bound' 'blocked' etc. fully, some cards have just an 'essence' of it, and some cards, you have too look deep-
then there are the cards that have almost no negitivity.....
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Cant really help you here yet Luna, as I've only had the deck a couple of days. Usually if the decks dont give reversals I dont either. In fact, only started reading reversals since doing the Seekers. Generally, I think that if you can tell which way up the card is from the backs then dont use them. I think the negative does usually come through when you look at the surrounding cards.

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I've been using this deck for about 18 months and I've never used reversals with it but I think that's mainly because I've only just started using reversals in any of my readings.
I don't think that some decks are made for reversals - Thoth being one.
I find the backs of the World spirit deck far too non-reversable to use reversals and so I can't see me being able to use them with this deck (my Morgan Greer has non reversable backs too but I use reversals with that one as I see it more as a Rider-Waite clone and if you don't look too close you can't tell which way up the cards are)
The surrounding cards usually give a hint at what aspect of a cards meaning to use, I find most of the cards in the World Spirit to cover the full spectrum of their meanings as the Linoleum block printing method gives each reader something quite personal to them.

Love and light

Sulis xx
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Seed Crystal 

I have't used reversals in reading World Spirit cards.

But I generally don't use upright/reversed interpretations with any deck; I generally see all those possible meanings inherent in the card regardless of how it happened to shuffle. Meanings become apparent in context, of the day and position and other cards and what the querent can understand.

And I always seek to challenge any easy perception anyway; if the cards just say what I/we expected them to say, and don't surprise me/us, I feel I/we am not looking deep enough... and are giving away an opportunity.
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I don't use reversals with the World Spirit deck, especially since some of the cards are showing the shadow side. I try to stay open to all the possible nuances of the cards, and go from there.
This is fairly new to me, since I always used reversals with the RWS, but lately, doing more intuitive readings, I want to see the image face up and clearly. I think my readings have gotten better and more confident.
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Mojo Twin 2 

I'm not a big fan of reversals in general as I was brought up on the Thoth deck. Since I've abandoned that and have gotten more into RWS and now the World Spirit, I still find my readings deep and powerful without reversals. I believe that if negative energy is present it will show in the reading regardless of whether you reverse the cards or not. The cards have shown me how foolish I can be several times. These cards are dark (more hue than attitude) and it causes me to reflect deeply on what the spread says.

Great deck that I appreciate more each time I use it.

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The World Spirit doesn't like for me to read it with reversals, so I don't.

It's a new thing for me, since I normally read with reversals. But it's kinda refreshing, too!

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I do use reversals with most decks, but there are a few I do not use reversals with...World Spirit is one of them...also Pearls of Wisdom which is a newish deck for me, but I am finding it has that same kind of no reversals energy as World Spirit.
Hard to explain, but when a card shows up RX it just feels wrong and I have to put it upright before I go on with the reading....I also do not use RX with any Marseille deck.
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I know that this thread hasn't been active for a while, but I'm posting on it because I just recently got this deck. I've been using it for about a month now, and was debating whether or not to use reversals. So I decided to ask the cards themselves whether or not to use them. I did a reading. And what I got did seem, by my interpretation, to be a positive answer, one encouraging me to use reversals with this deck.

I think that that might be a good technique to use with any deck, any time someone is wondering whether or not to use reversals with it. Just ask the cards. And yes, for the reading that I did I did use them, and had mixed up the cards deliberately to insure that half of them would be upside down.

Then I did some readings on some areas of my life, and the readings, with reversals, made a lot of sense. The readings gave more specfic information than when I was using the cards all upright. I think that this is the tendency when using reversals, and is why I prefer to use them when I can.

I realize that it's a matter of preference, but I can see nothing to prevent a person from using reversals, if they choose to, with this deck. It is a very RWS-based deck, and many people do use reversals with the RWS decks. So it's not like a reversed card would be much harder to interpret than one in any other RWS-based deck.

As far as the backs go, yes, you will know whether or not the card coming up is right side up or not. But you won't know specifically which card it is. To me, it's not really important. In fact, I find the backs of the cards a good way to help interpret reversed cards. When a card is upright, the sun side is up, and time flows forward, that is, the sand in the hourglass flows downward. When the card is reversed, the moon is up. This might represent the nighttime, or darker aspects of the card. Also, time flows backwards, that is, the sand in the hourglass flows upwards. This seems symbolic of the negative energies that can be at work when a reversed card comes up in a reading.

So, my view on using reversals with this deck is yes, I think it's great.
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